Yes there’s hiking. Yes there’s a gorgeous view from the top of the ridge. Yes you might want to bring sturdy shoes. Yes you can do the barefoot thing if that’s your gig. Yes there’s also poison oak. Yes we have that stuff you put on your skin if you get any on you.

Yes we will give you driving directions. Yes we’re waiting until the last minute. Yes it’s an attempt to control gate crashers.

Yes you can show up on Thursday as early as noon. Yes we’re gonna start dancing as soon as there’s feet & asses that want to move. Yes you’ll be home by dinner Sunday. Yes what happens in between is completely up to you.

Yes there’s power and lights in all the buildings. Yes you can charge your fucking phone. Yes you will have a better time if you just leave it in the car. Yes there’s indoor plumbing. Showers and toilets both yes. Yes toilet paper. Yes a fully operational kitchen. Yes we have cups. Plates yes, forks yes, knives yes, coffee mugs yes, cereal bowls yes. Yes there will be a vegan option. Yes there will be plenty of food.

Yes you can bring your own to drink. Yes we’ll have some for you. Yes there will be plenty of not-alcohol. Yes there will be coffee & tea. Yes there will always be plenty of water. Yes there’s an ice machine.

Yes you should bring a towel. Yes bring a flashlight. Yes you need to think about a pillow and blanket. Yes bring soap. Yes drop it in the shower. Yes you have the option of cuddle-piling your way through the whole weekend. Yes you should bring a tent. Yes it would be awesome if you shared extra space. Yes you can sleep outside.

Yes there’s a pool you can swim in. Yes the water is going to be hella cold. Yes you can skinny dip. Yes you can wander/dance/yoga/chop wood/climb trees naked if you want. Yes you can do consensual things in the woods or wherever you find an agreeable location. Yes sex. Yes abstinence. Yes negotiation and permission. Yes there will be condoms.

Yes to hugs. Yes saying yes. Yes to improvisation. Yes to magick. Yes losing track of time. Yes exchanging energies. Yes to doing what you think comes next. Yes hippies. Yes goths. Yes industrial. Yes organic. Yes faggotry. Yes dykes. Yes asexuality. Yes heterogeneity. Yes anonymity. Yes getting intimate with strangers. Yes making them not strangers anymore.

Yes future dance music. Yes to high intensity. Yes to total skepticism. Yes to mellow vibes. Yes to creative anarchy. Yes to solid state. Yes trance revelations. Yes reimagining your body. Yes inventing weirder ways to dance. Yes looking directly into your eyes. Yes radical sobriety. Yes drunk as fuck.

Yes you can say fuck sleep. Yes you can dance the whole motherfucking time if you want. Yes to saying motherfucking fuck a lot. Motherfucking yes you can fucking stay up till motherfucking dawn and fucking get completely weird as fuck. Yes you can work your shit out on the dance floor. Yes we’ll take care of you when you fall out. Yes to dance floor political resistance. Yes to fucking the man. Yes to fucking the woman. Yes to getting fucked by whomever you want. Yes to telling gender binaries to fuck themselves. Yes the mechanics of the body. Yes the blood in your ears. Yes emotional tracers. Yes ripping it apart and putting it together again. Yes transdimensional wormholes. Yes fluidity. Yes telepathy. Yes getting the grief out of you. Yes your broken heart. Yes fearing the future. Yes your lousy job, your student fucking loans, your credit card debt. Yes hypnotic healing. Yes multiple identities. Yes undefined, immanent multiplicities. Yes door #3. Yes getting ecstatically lost in the beat. Yes warding off the evil. Yes sweating it out of you. Yes making love. Yes breaking it down to simpler terms. Yes having no word for it.

Yes you can blow off the whole oontz oontz ja ja teschno thing and hang out at the campfire instead.

Yes we’ll look out for each other. Yes we hope for surprises. Yes we will do everything we can to help create something weird, temporary, and wonderful. Yes we means everybody.