2019 Travel Fund

The gathering’s travel fund helps defray travel costs for some of our musicians and DJs who identify as women, trans, nonbinary and persons of color who need additional assistance to get to the gathering. $10 from each registration is budgeted to supply that fund. Interest in accessing the fund for 2019 is more than we budgeted for.

We’re doing what we can to meet everybody’s requests, and have asked people to chip in a bit if they can to help support your broke-ass queer friends.

Travel fund donation

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For the third year, we are¬†administering a travel fund specifically to encourage and help defray costs for our women, trans, non-binary and performers of color to get to the gathering and play their music.¬†Ten dollars of your registration cost goes into this fund. If you’d like to add an additional donation into the fund you can do that here. You can enter any amount into the box above. 100% of any donation you add will go into the fund and only be used for this purpose. In 2018 we worked with 21 individuals to make the gathering affordable for them and expect a similar or higher number this year.