Gays Hate Techno 2020 Spring Gathering Tickets

COVID-19 announcement: We have temporarily halted ticketing. Please check back for updates.

Before buying, make sure you have read through the camper guide. All sales are final.

Note: if you are buying tickets for multiple people, please have everybody's names and email addresses on hand.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 are sold out. We are now selling all remaining tickets at Tier 3. All cabin beds, including those we held for mobility lodging, are sold out.

Round trip shuttle ticket

Shuttle tickets go on sale Feb 24th at noon.

The shuttle departs San Francisco 5pm on Thursday May 7 for the gathering, and leaves the gathering 1pm Sunday to return to SF.

All sales final.

Cargo space limited.

We'll update you with exact boarding address once it is finalized.


Tent camping


RV/Vehicle camping

For each vehicle camping order we need to allocate parking spaces, so please let us know how many people in this order are vehicle owners/renters (which gives us the vehicle qty) vs passengers. Vehicle owner tickets are limited. Passenger tickets are not.

Example 1: Four of you are camping in your RV and you are all going to camp in the upper lot. Add one 'Vehicle owner: Upper parking' and 3 'Passenger' tickets to your cart.

Example 2: You are buying a ticket for just yourself and camping in someone else's camper. Add one 'Passenger' ticket to your cart.

Example 3: You and 4 friends are planning on renting an RV but you don't know who'll be driving or renting it. Add one available 'Vehicle owner' and 3 'Passenger' tickets to your cart. We don't really care who in your party has the Owner ticket. Just pick one of you.



Travel fund donation

For the fourth year, we are administering a travel fund specifically to encourage and help defray costs for our women, trans, non-binary and performers of color to get to the gathering and play their music. Ten dollars of your registration cost already goes into this fund.

If you'd like to add an additional donation into the fund you can do that here. You can enter any amount into the box above. 100% of any donation you add will go into the fund and only be used for this purpose.