San Francisco

How did you get into DJing?

Mat dos Santos and David Sternesky are Two Dudes in Love. We each have long histories of production, DJing, and promoting. Now we are sharing our love for each other and our love of music with the world.

What is your preferred method of playing?

We use whichever medium gives us the appropriate kind of creative expression depending on the situation. For this recording we used Serato Itch and an Allen & Heath Xone DX controller.

This live set is from a party we produced at Burning Man for Comfort & Joy on August 28, 2012. The party was called The Mechanization of Fertility. The party began as an celebration of human sensuality with groovy, soulful house music setting the vibe - but that's not what you'll hear in this recording.

At midnight, when this recording begins, the music abruptly changed to mechanistic, driving techno as bright strobe lights suddenly filled the tent. The garden of earthly delights was invaded by a procession of interstellar robot sex workers. The mechanical hustlers presented a mating dance to the human natives to awaken their sexual desires. Human fertility was usurped by mechanical fertility, and the human citizens willfully gave themselves over to robotic pleasure. Man and machine danced vertically and horizontally until the early hours of the morning (when the power source failed and the recording got cut off).


We are currently building out our studio and preparing a variety of production projects. Follow us at for original songs, remixes, DJ mixes, and more.