Sweat Equity Recordings


  1. Alexi Delano/Mr Barth-Above the Skyline
  2. Reel People & Omar-Otta Love (feat Alix Alvarez)Matthew Bandy's Dub beat edit 
  3. Raiz/Truncate-Rhythm 
  4. DJ Le Roi- I Loved You First (Nikola Gala Remix) 
  5. Daniel Avery-Movement 
  6. M28 truncate remix 
  7. John Tejada-Mono on Mono 
  8. Monty Luke-Bomb on Bomb 
  9. Nina Kraviz-Ghetto Kraviz (Alex Kid edit) 
  10. Tapesh-Time after Time 
  11. Masa Ueda-Sprecher (Truncate Remix) 
  12. Adrianna Lopez-Estructura 
  13. Truncate-Diffration (Jonas Kopp remix) 
  14. Trina-Look Back At Me (DMS edit) 
  15. Benny Rodriguez-Funky Drummer 
  16. Trevor Siegler-Doot 
  17. Todd Terry-Break It Down (skateboard kings mix) 
  18. Dubfound-Suprise 
  19. Truncate-Modify 
  20. Maan-Jackin' 
  21. Truncate-Dial 
  22. Raiz/Truncate-Flux 
  23. Chris Moody-Work It To The Bone (mindskap remix) 
  24. Cajmere-Percolator (Jamie jones vault remix) 
  25. F.U.S.E.-FU 
  26. Mark Broom/Dustin Zahn-WEASEL DUST-09 edit 
  27. Bleak-Fun 
  28. Slam-positive education (Jerome Sydenham remix)


San Leandro, CA

How did you get into DJing?

Grew up playing music/singing in church and at home. In high School/College played in punk, rock, and jam/funk bands. In 1993 on Thanksgiving night I candy-flipped at a warehouse on Harrison St. in San Francisco. I have been in love with dance music ever since. Technically my first experience was in the parking lot of the Oakland Coliseum sucking down nitrous balloons at DJ Garth's Disco Bus but I digress...I started buying records and trying my hand at DJing in 1996-1997. In 1999 I started producing my own tracks. In 2004 I pressed 200+ copies of a white label of 4 of my tracks. I am more in love with this music than ever before. I live to be in my basement making tracks or on the dance floor shakin' my ass. Truth be told...I am a dancer. That's why I am here still a part of this scene. I just love dancing! Oh yeah...and I am an unapologetic raver that still sees the positive possibilities with the human race.

What is your preferred method of playing?

I DJ in Abelton Live with an AKAI APC40 controller. I generally will add some drum sounds and sometimes loops of tracks I am working on to add texture to the mix. I live for the extended mix of 2-3 tracks with added percussion. The way I like to mix is greatly influenced by the old Richie Hawtin set up 3 turntables and a 909. It s not uncommon for me to keep 2 or more tracks playing together for well over a minute.


You can find my white label here.
Most of my music can be found here.