east coast underground, A/Vclub


  1. Cosmin TRG— Amor Y Otros
  2. Oliver Lieb — Non Binary
  3. Ness, Attemporal— Signal On
  4. Hertz — In My Mind
  5. DJ Pierre, Green Velvet, Phuture — Acid Trax 2011
  6. Miro Pajic — Glue
  7. [a]pendics.shuffle — Move On It
  8. Gaiser — Nasty Girl
  9. Simian Mobile Disco — A Skin Cracker
  10. Mihai Popoviciu — If There Is?
  11. Wehbba — The Speech (Samuel L. Session Remix)
  12. Internullo — Taifai (Alex Cellar Dub)
  13. Extrawelt — My Stupid (Edit/ Dub Mix)
  14. Dieter Krause, Deepak Sharma — Wolkenrise (DJ QU Remix)
  15. Daypak — Tyffaniecell
  16. Gaiser — New Dust
  17. Booka Shade — Charolette (Dubfire Remix)
  18. Adam Beyer — No Rain (Radio Slave's Berlin Summer remix)
  19. Audiofly X — Don't Panic Till I Said So


Portland, ME

How did you get into djing?

I got into djing because I had to. It was the natural progression of things. I had been dancing and listening for SO long, the music is a part of me. I was collecting music and mixing it in my head. Djing was the next obvious step. It still hasn't been that long, but I am truly loving this new outlet. Really submersing myself in it. It's been a healthy addition to my life. I always have a project going on or thinking about what to do next. Still collecting lots of great tracks and building my library. I've been to some AMAZING parties with some fantastic dj's. That has set the standard pretty high... .I know what I think is good..... Well, don't we all?

What is your preferred method of playing?

I Use Traktor Pro, Vestax VCI-100, M-Audio FastTrack Pro, and my Dell Laptop


I host and dj a party every first friday called LOVE, located at Flask Lounge in Portland, ME.
I'm almost half way through my second year and it's going strong.
Other than that I usually do one or two other local gigs per month.
Check some other mixes out @ http://www.mixcloud.com/jamieosullivan/


  1. Thomas Krome – Shockabuku vol.1 B2 – (CORB1209)
  2. Pounding Grooves – 26 B – (PGV26)
  3. Adam Beyer – This is Code Red A1 - (CR06)
  4. Johannes Heil – Kobayashi X1 - (KOB009)
  5. The Advent – Sketch 3 – (TRESOR195)
  6. Angel Alanis & Rees Urban Pair of Jacks – Beat my Shit (TRESOR199)
  7. Ben Sims – Theoretical (TRESOR131)
  8. Thomaz & Filterheadz – Los Hijos del Sol (RAND02)
  9. Boriqua Tribez – Puta (PRMT087)
  10. Mumps – Mechanism J (PAIN021)
  11. Chris Liebing – Stigmata 9 A1 (STIGMA09)
  12. Nils Danielsson – Untitled (STHLMLTD001)
  13. Silvershower – Ice Fractions 1 (PLUS8059)
  14. Speedy J – Something for your Mind (PLUS8014)
  15. The Kooky Sciencist – Rambunctions (PLUS8056)
  16. Joey Beltram – M-Yard (TRESOR035)
  17. Thomas Krome – Bitches from The Hell (CORB001)
  18. Cybersonik – Backlash (PLUS8007)



How did you get into djing?

DJ español, fanático de la música electrónica desde que tenía 15 años de edad. Influenciado por los sonidos oscuros y contundentes de sellos como Tresor, UR, Warm up o Plus8. Empecé a pinchar música electrónica en un pequeño pub de mi ciudad natal, donde nadie entendía el techno, pero fue bienvenido. Entonces, el círculo comenzó a crecer y se creó el colectivo "Scorefreq". A partir de ese momento comenzé a participar en varios clubs y festivales de España como el orgullo gay de Madrid, Metro Dance Club o el festival Explum, donde compartí el escenario con artistas como Angel Molina, Alexander Kowalski y Oliver Huntemann.

What’s you preferred method of playing?

Mi método preferido para pinchar es con cds o Traktor.

Present & future

En la actualidad, estamos gestando un proyecto musical muy jugoso ... seguiré informando a través de http://soundcloud.com/charlimarron/http://www.facebook.com/groups/159102724166406/