To celebrate the third installment of the Gays Hate Techno compilation we asked Ariel if she would be willing to showcase her mad DJ skills around a diverse and somewhat complex array of 27 tracks that make up GHT3.0

We think the results are stunning and give you, our most valued listener, the inside-scoop on this white-hot, perhaps, hott-er than white slacks and pumps at an easter brunch-techno release.

1. RGL-Gifted with Pride
2. Dial F-"Adult Club From A Teenage Cyberpunk Dream"
3. Tom Ass-Undetectable
4. The Prey-The Pad Track
5. StrikeStone-ドラゴンボール
7. E. Hernandez-Xochitl
8. z72.52-Bars
9. NLP-State of The Union
10. DJ No Requests- Cylon Warning
11. Ariel Ztna ft. Pollination Tech-Dog
12. orphanraver-La boca del presidente es la más horrible mierda en el mundo (the bad acid mix)
13. jacksonick-Turn
14. New Dad-alongshortly
15. "Sylvia Rivera"
16. rShade-Live at Soundwave Studios
17. Erica-Orchid Bite
18. Mr. Miles- In Capricorn
19. HURTR-Ratios
20. elle excess-Blue Dream
21. Mark O'Brien-Hayes Gate
22. Sensual Circuitry-Sensual Solace
23. Jay Fields-Gone Lately
24. Marvina-7-Hoodville Track
25. spookymotion-Step Inside
26. DJ Dreamcast-South Van Ness
27. vincent carpentier-092017
28. Eleven DImensions-Symmetry Breaking

Current City




How did you get into djing?

In 2013 I started producing music for a performance art group I was in and stat led into djing.

What is your preferred method of playing?

Three CDJs!

Present & future

Playing two Movement after parties in Detroit: Smart Bar BBQ at TV Lounge on Fri 5/25 and the Discwoman party on Sat 5/26 at El Club. Set to release a remix collection for Addy ft. London Jade that was on my Cyst EP ; recent release with Femme Culture, set to release on Trash Cult as well as remixes for FIRE TOOLZ and Boy Pussy; and some secret upcoming projects 🙂

photo Erik Michael Kommer

Ariel Zetina is a Chicago based club music DJ/producer/performance artist/poet. She is a 2018 resident at Smartbar; runs the club nights Rosebud at Berlin Nightclub & Ariel’s Party at Hideout & is one of the residents of Rumors. Her debut EP 'Cyst' was released on Boukan Records in September. Other releases on Club Chai, SHXME, Femme Culture, Pedicure Records (with performance group WITCH HAZEL), & with club personality Imp Queen. Her plays have been produced in NYC, Chicago, and LA.

Queer techno collective Gays Hate Techno release their third compilation on Thursday May 10th!