Ticket refunds modification requests

I've closed the form and have left the instructions here for your reference. You will receive an email once your refund is processed.

You will need to be logged in with the same user account you used to buy tickets to complete this form.

This form is optional. If you do NOT fill in this form you will still receive your refund as planned. You only need to fill in this form to request to modify your refund in one of three ways:

  1. Reduce your refund, specifying a refund percentage you choose up to the amount already planned
  2. Waive your refund entirely
  3. Request to increase your refund if possible. This will only happen if other campers choose to reduce or waive their refunds. I can't promise anything.

Also, you can let me know if it's okay to delay your refund until after receiving our payment from Saratoga Springs.

You can only make this request regarding ticket purchases linked to your user account. You will need the order number(s) for your ticket purchases. Find those here: https://www.gayshatetechno.com/my-account/orders/

The order number is in the leftmost column of that table and begins with #. If you have multiple orders, you can add multiple order numbers to this form using the + icon in the Order # box below.

You can make this request only before April 1. On April 1 I will close down this page and begin the refund process.

Planned refunds are:

  • Travel fund donations: If you made earmarked donations to the travel fund by adding to your ticket cost at checkout, you will receive 100% of that donation back
  • Shuttle bus tickets: You will receive 100% of your shuttle bus ticket back
  • Tent, cabin or vehicle camping tickets: you should expect between 70-80% of that back, pending final accounting.

Again, you don't need to fill in this form to receive your refund as described above. You should only fill in this form to request a modification to your refund.

What about resold tickets?

I am able to process refunds only to the people who bought them at this website. I can't process a refund to people who bought them secondhand. If you sold your ticket or bought it secondhand, you will have to work out a solution with the people you transacted with.