RV/Vehicle camping

For each vehicle camping order we need to allocate parking spaces, so please let us know how many people in this order are vehicle owners/renters (which gives us the vehicle qty) vs passengers. Vehicle owner tickets are limited. Passenger tickets are not.

Example 1: Four of you are camping in your RV and you are all going to camp in the upper lot. Add one 'Vehicle owner: Upper parking' and 3 'Passenger' tickets to your cart.

Example 2: You are buying a ticket for just yourself and camping in someone else's camper. Add one 'Passenger' ticket to your cart.

Example 3: You and 4 friends are planning on renting an RV but you don't know who'll be driving or renting it. Add one available 'Vehicle owner' and 3 'Passenger' tickets to your cart. We don't really care who in your party has the Owner ticket. Just pick one of you.