We ask you for a bunch of personal information. Here's what we do with it.

Gathering camper-related information

Beginning with the 2020 gathering, we've been moving away from Google and Airtable forms and are now storing your profile information here. You can see all the information we have about you in your My Account dashboard. It's not in place yet, but there will be a simple way for you to have your information downloaded for you or deleted.

The only personal information we require you submit is your email address and billing address info. Everything else is optional.

We use that optional information to better help the gathering crew interact with you, most often in regards to these things: meal planning, lodging requests, performer submissions, health and safety, and volunteer shifts. We also use it to gauge interest in projects we're planning and to make better estimates on how to structure certain parts of the gathering. We don't share, sell or distribute your information.

Together with your purchasing info, some of your camper info is stored also in our Mailchimp mailing list. The info there includes anything you might have filled in on a mailing list signup form.

Ecommerce/ticketing-related information

Since we use PayPal as our payment processor, we don't collect or store any credit card or financial information from you at all. We do store and track your purchasing history and contact information.

We use your email address as the database identifier for all our account related information, and beginning with the 2020 gathering you can see all purchases made under that address in your My Account dashboard.

Behavior tracking

We don't use cookies or track your behavior while browsing this site.