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I've managed parking for festivals in the past, and find it a nice way to meet people coming in. Tom and I would both be interested in working a shift together. I'm happy to lead a shift if you need shift leads as well.

Nicholas Moss
steven piasecki
Fawks Gilic
Steve Hoey
Banjamin Bellayuto
Glenna Fitch
John Major
Steven Feiler

I can definitely agree to meet the requirements listed above. I would like to work on the parking crew for a few reasons. One, every year the parking crew folks are some of the first and most delightful staff I interact with all weekend. Being able to welcome everyone to GHT would be such an honor <3 Two, I cannot afford a $350 ticket to the event unfortunately. I've gone ever year since I moved to the Bay Area. Missing it because I cannot afford it would be particularly heartbreaking.

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