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Jessica Duran
Natasha Kmeto
Zoey Shopmaker
Brit Hansen
Alicia Greco
Jacob Wood
Shanda Nunez
Brenton Stokes
sharlese Metcalf
Dani Loose
Sophia Softky
Ryan Bunao
Julie Mallis
QoQo Weber

Hello! I’m QoQo and I live in Seattle where I participate in techno and queer babe life there through organizing and music making. As a teaching artist, community organizer, and able-bodied person, I have more ability to work than to pay for a ticket at this time; I would love this opportunity to support the dream of this event and be able to attend. I am also very extroverted and warm and would be honored to be able to greet humans into the space as they arrive. I can work on my feet for many hours, and would be so happy to do so to help folks as they come in. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Steven Feiler

I can definitely agree to meet the requirements listed above. I would like to work on the parking crew for a few reasons. One, every year the parking crew folks are some of the first and most delightful staff I interact with all weekend. Being able to welcome everyone to GHT would be such an honor <3 Two, I cannot afford a $350 ticket to the event unfortunately. I've gone ever year since I moved to the Bay Area. Missing it because I cannot afford it would be particularly heartbreaking.

Sydney Léonie Pritchard

I like to help people in any way I'm capable; not to mention I was too broke for tier 3 tickets LOL

Mario Paduano

I'm looking forward to participating for the first time at ght. My partner and I each work in the social service and charity sector and therefore don't earn that much so we appreciate the opportunity to work for our ticket. (Note: please consider my application for the parking crew in tandem with my partner's as we will be traveling together. His name is Jesse Garcia and will apply tonight. If it's not possible to do this, I understand. Thank you for considering.)

Jesse Garcia

I'm looking to attend for the first time and participate in this way. Both me and my partner don't make much and we're excited to apply to attend in this manner. Please consider my application along with my partner's: Mario Paduano

Phillip Ozaki

I'm super excited for my first Gays Hate Techno. I recently moved to SF from Berlin where the queer techno scene is phenomenal. So any chance to contribute - by volunteering, working, dancing, etc - to our smaller community here means a lot to me.

I'm hands-on, reliable, and extroverted. I plan on going to GHT solo so this would be an awesome excuse to meet people. I'm happy to help with Parking and anything else.

I was unemployed for most of last year and while I have a job again (a civil rights nonprofit [low-paying] job in SF [expensive-ass-city]) I'm still trying to save every penny to make it out to GHT. Thanks for checking out my app! -Phillip

John Major

I've managed parking for festivals in the past, and find it a nice way to meet people coming in. Tom and I would both be interested in working a shift together. I'm happy to lead a shift if you need shift leads as well.

Bradley DeHerrera

I’m tight on funds and think it would be fun to greet, see and meet people as they come in for the beginning of techno utopia!!

Joe Bravo

This is a great opportunity to meet, greet and welcome returning GHTers and newcomers alike. I have worked for the kitchen crew every year I've attended and gained so many new friends and experiences from that alone. The parking crew will have the chance to welcome everyone with open arms, to make them feel safe in this intentional queer community gathering rooted in our queer chosen families. I know how important it was for me the first time I arrived at the Gathering. It was unlike anything I had experienced in the past. I was taken aback but I was soon made to feel welcome -- like I've arrived home to my extended family. The feeling is overwhelming; the parking crew can make it feel less daunting. I think that's the gift the parking crew can give to the Gathering experience overall apart from getting everyone parked safely. Thank you.

Ari Fay-Long

well, im trans and live on the coast where theres not much income for a girl like me so a work trade would allow me to attend. last year i fucked someone so he would buy me a ticket. i also really love greeting people and i have worked as a parking attendant before. I can def work for six hours in the sun and i think i would be a really great person to do it because im friendly and queer and i love techno! Im also very familiar with the space because i have attended/ worked at at least half a dozen events there.

Mark Berchowitz

Will do my best to get there in time for training. I land at 9:15am (SFO) that morning, and will be ride-sharing to the site. I expect we will be doing our best to get there asap!