In the past we've asked you to fill in various forms to sign up for volunteer shifts and to help us facilitate what you're planning. This year we're putting that all on this tab.

Please start by selecting one or more options below. Depending on your selection(s), additional fields will appear. This info will be saved to your account and you can come back to fill in or change your responses later.

Later this winter this form will evolve a little bit as volunteer teams and shifts get better defined, and we'll let you know once specific shifts are available for signup.

We want to draw your attention to two special calls for participation:

Art installation for the lodge stage The lodge is seeking submissions for stage & spatial design. Lighting, installation, altar, video and interactive artists are encouraged to express interest. To do that, start by selecting the 'bring art' or 'provide visuals for music' options below.

Art microgrants for projects related to this year's theme We have set aside a little money to help facilitate art installations that relate to a specific theme: we're looking specifically for installations that transform intimate spaces for shared experiences at the gathering. These spaces can be any outdoor location on the property. The stages have their own budgets, so this microgrant won't be used for installations at the pool, lodge or yurt. To express interest, start by selecting the 'bring art' option below.

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About the People's Mic

We want more people to be able to create moments and activities around the clock at the gathering. If you need amplified sound and/or a microphone, you're going to be part of the People's Mic -- something new to organize and broaden access to amplified sound for any group activity that isn't part of the stages' music programs. Here's how it will work:

To sign up, select 'put together a group activity' above, include the 'amplified sound or mic' option and let us know what you're planning. We'll figure out how to coordinate what you need. You'll sign up for a specific time slot and location once you arrive at the gathering. You can also plan something last minute and then coordinate with us once you arrive. Katey Hollenbeck is your point of contact.