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    We hold some of our cabin beds for people with physical limitations or health/mobility issues that make it impossible for them to sleep outdoors. If this applies to you, we will ask you follow up questions to help assign you to an appropriate bed.
  • RSVPs

    Here are some of the things we've got planned so far. We'd like to get a rough count to help us plan times and meeting spaces. If you're interested in participating in any of the following, please let us know.
    Information sharing for people interested in assisting people who are undergoing challenging drug-related experiences. We will ask all of our harm reduction volunteers to attend and everyone else is welcome.
    We bring a 4-reagent kit and fentanyl testing strips. In the demo we'll show you how everything works so you can use the kit at any time.
    If you're interested in composing or performing on a multi-channel surround system, or want to know more about tools and techniques for adapting stereo projects for full surround, this is for you.
    We will set up a space for any music related merchandise you'd like to sell.
    An open discussion session with Dr. Gregory Wells, our resident expert in psychedelically aided psychotherapy and MAPS site practitioner for the first federally funded clinical MDMA PTSD study.
    Let us know which teams you're interested in volunteering with. More info about the teams is in the camper guide
  • In a couple sentences, please let us know what you're planning. If you have specific ideas about location, timing or context, or what to call it, please give as much detail as you can. Feel free to come back to this page and edit your response later as your plans take shape.
    The RSVP section helps us get a rough head count for planned activities. If you want, we'll give you estimated counts and a contact list.