GHT041Lady Fingers GHT Compilation 2.0 Mega Mix

18 Aug ’16

This is a very special edition of the GHT podcast. With the release of our second compilation on August 19th, 2016 we tasked  Lady Fingers with a very tall order. Taking all 21 somewhat eclectic and stylistically varied tracks and massage them info a cohesive mix. The results frame the creative works of all 21 artists without sacrificing the function-to dance.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Chordial Recordings (Chapel Hill)

Activ-Analog (Charlotte) (7”)

Alma Soul (Madrid)

Friends With Benefits (San Francisco/Portland)

Trax (Chicago)

Label (Detroit)

Sound Warrior (Jersey City/Berlin) (Upcoming 12")


  1. alexis icon - twelve
  2. Baronhawk Poitier - Rejsen(GHT dub)
  3. Bocaj - Marta
  4. Trevor Sigler - Who Can Never Be Sure?
  5. Lady Fingers - What It Takes
  6. Bil Todd - Ordinary Dub
  7. orphan - DRK NRG
  8. Oread (Charley Ten & Jon Doss) - Echo
  9. vincent carpentier - untitled (lafeeelectrictieedit)
  10. NLP - NLP
  11. StrikeStone! - Detune Lucy
  12. Da Bassbreaker - Dripped
  13. Chirality - Entourage Effect
  14. Synthezman - Kaleidoscope
  15. Muon - Jude
  16. Nackt - Tread Lightly
  17. David Sylvester - Moon
  18. DJ Shiva - Goodnight Red
  19. Marc Manning - Jupiter
  20. únava materiálu - za cestu dáš kilo
  21. BELLONA - Tjackballe

What’s your preferred method of playing?

My preferred method of spinning is Serato with control records since I have a very slim record collection left sad to say. I enjoy CDJ's also but will play on anything that will allow me to share my love of music with the people on the dance floor.

How did you get into djing?

I started making IDMish/house tracks in the early/mid 90's after seeing mods in action. I bought a used Korg Poly-800 early on and later borrowed a friend's Nord Lead and a K2000 hooked up to the original version of Logic Audio before Apple bought it out - the version that came with a dongle to ensure against piracy. The word dongle always made me chuckle.

As for DJing, I messed around with the turntables at my college's radio station. My friends accused me of trading them (my friends) out for records. I started really DJing when I lived in New Orleans about 6 years ago. It never dawned on me to spin the music that I loved until then.

Present & future

I created Pegasus, a queer dance party in Chapel Hill, NC housed in one of the first gay bars in the nation in the 60's and plan to bring back some variation of this in the future.

Otherwise I gig fairly regularly in random spots around the NC Triangle such as the Nightlight, Pinhook, and Arcana as Lady Fingers or as half of the duo Holy Tribady and Sir Elton Jane.

Find my latest 7" out on Activ-Analog:

Also should have more copies soon!