GHT040 Jussi Eskelinen

30 Sep ’15


Helsinki, Finland.




  1. Ø - Mojave [Sähkö]
  2. Gunnar Haslam - Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom [Mister Saturday Night]
  3. Xhin - Curtain Cloud [Semantica]
  4. #.4.26 - Morfon [Frozen Border]
  5. Juho Kahilainen - Rotko [M_REC Ltd]
  6. Etapp Kyle - Drama [Klockworks]
  7. Dario Zenker - WM2 [Trilogy Tapes]
  8. Unbalance - A (Unbalance #3) [Unbalance]
  9. Fango - Tei [Degustibus]
  10. Mary Velo - Detune [Frozen Border]
  11. Coefficient - Scale Invariant Spectrum [M_REC Ltd]
  12. Yan Cook - Nylon [Ann Aimee]
  13. Terence Fixmer (feat. Cormac) - Lovesick (Monoloc Rmx 0.0.2) [CLR]
  14. Kitkatone - Oppressor [Etherwerks]
  15. Patricia - Plural [Opal Tapes]

What’s your preferred method of playing?

I recorded the set at home with two vinyl turntables and a mixer. I thought the first take was appropriately rough.

Recording a podcast is difficult for me, because when I'm by myself I usually feel like I have nothing more to say after having played five records. About 70% of the tracklist was more or less finished for many many months, but I just couldn't find the missing pieces. In the end the mix became quite personal, so I'm happy with it.

How did you get into djing?

I visited Berlin for the first time in 2009 and discovered that the gay scene there is significantly more fun than what Helsinki has to offer. After coming home I bought my first techno mp3s, started going to raves, and a year later I started buying vinyl.

I got into DJing in 2010 when me and my queer university friends founded the Homotekno collective, which was directly influenced by my experiences in Berlin. Inspired by squat parties and Finnish student culture, we decided to go for the non-profit DIY approach. We built up the soundsystem, lights and decorations from scratch for every party. There was a total of nine Homotekno parties in the span of four years, and I guess we're still recovering from the burnout.

Present & future

In the future I intend to focus more on production and live sets. My small home studio is almost ready, I just need some patience to learn the gear.