GHT038 Matt Tecson

31 Jul ’14

West Coast Juke Squad (for footwork)
Ecology Benefit Society (for a green earth)
currently unaffiliated for techno, looking 4 techno crew


  1. EOD - Moon
  2. Lucy - The Illusion of Choice
  3. Answer Code Request - Field Depth
  4. Mirrorpress - Red Wires
  5. Clark - Superscope
  6. Xhin - She's the Disease
  7. Regis - Blood Witness
  8. Lucy - Why Don't You Change
  9. British Murder Boys - Father Loves Us
  10. Female - Looking Through The Eyes of Love
  11. Sigha - 352 Lashes (Ideal)
  12. Mpia3 - Your Orders
  13. Miami Bass Warriors - Going Back to Calle 8


Vancouver, BC, Canada

How did you get into DJing?

As a child growing up in the 1990's I was naturally surrounded in electronic music, mainly from video games. I was never really interested in DJing until around late 2011 when I replayed games I grew up playing and noticed how awesome the soundtracks were. I've always been into playing music, however, playing in various bands in my youth. My affinity for noise, metal, and industrial music definitely influences my techno selections, but I also have a passion for juke, jungle, and garage. I've been deeply listening to electronic music since my early teens, first diving into the UK dubstep and techno scenes. All of the sounds that I've grown up listening to are currently what influence my djing.

What is your preferred method of playing?

I prefer to use Traktor, with a very modular setup. I connect my laptop to the mixer in external mixing mode, and use either turntables, cdjs, controllers, or a mapped keyboard depending on what is available at the venue. On occasion, I like to spin vinyl, although my beatmatching on vinyl is somewhat spotty due to lack of practice. My vinyl selection is mostly faster techno at around 140bpm.


I have a show coming up, called Togetherism: Hollow.
The venue will be announced the night before, due to the city of Vancouver's willingness to shut down raves that they find on facebook.
If you are interested, click "attending" on the event page.

and check out the poster for it that i designed!!! it's beautiful!!!

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