GHT036 DJ Collin Bass

4 Mar ’14

I throw a party called Deep Inside, among others, with my nasty-girl Roncha crew in Austin.


  1. Die Form - In a Tea Room
  2. Alien Alien - One By One (Rodion Remix)
  3. Bill Converse - Joy
  4. Shake - Sonar 123
  5. Disco Nihilist - House Rent Boogie
  6. Djaimin - Give You (Hype Groove Mix)
  7. Pearson Sound - Power Drumsss
  8. Marcel Fengler - Jaz
  9. Da Posse - It's My Life (Aluh Mix)
  10. Rod - Hux
  11. Head High - It's a Love Thing (Piano Invasion)
  12. Factory Floor - Turn It Up (Laurel Halo Remix)
  13. Dane Chadwick - 1
  14. Ynfynyt Scroll - Drone Warfare
  15. Tx Connect - Ghetto 972
  16. Anthony Shakir - Live For Friction
  17. Fix - Flash


Austin, Texas

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing parties in college around 2006. That's about the time I stopped studying music (because practicing is lame), switched majors, and started playing records out (because partying is awesome). It was all downhill from there. It's also worth mentioning I had a lot of exposure to house and techno from growing up in Dallas (and several of the producers on this mix are from Texas).

What is your preferred method of playing?

If there are two turntables on a flat surface with ample separation from drunk-bro, I'm gonna get down with the vinyl. Otherwise, CDJ CD/USB penetrations are lovely, and mixing externally from Traktor works great too. But for this mix, she just beamed music directly into the Internet with her mind. And unicorn magic.


I have a pretty intense month coming up with an official SXSW showcase and other gigs. I'm also playing some great parties later this spring and summer, including Sqrrrl in L.A. next month.

Check out my SoundCloud page here: DJ Collin Bass