GHT035 Caley

29 Jan ’14

sonic:torsion, ultrawizardsword, Proton Radio


  1. Off World Colony Intro
  2. Phrasis Veteris - Sundaymoon [Red Panda Records]
  3. SIT - Mazuka [Naural]
  4. Holdie Gawn - Distinc [Sylphe]
  5. Nu Zau - Angajat de mai [Æternum Music]
  6. Leo Pol - Bonsoir mich mich (Clep remix) [Minimalaysia]
  7. Zefzeed - Sessss [BodyParts Records]
  8. Bratias - La gazelle [Kvadrat]
  9. Libe - Onimaticay [Unsigned]
  10. Hedonist - Aprig [Unsigned]
  11. MP - Unees [RORA]
  12. Pit Spector - Moune [Minibar Music]
  13. Christian Farias and Luigi Gori - Smoking on the rhythm (Medu remix) [Tip Tap]
  14. Guerrilla Soul - Black dahlia [Concrete Music]
  15. iPca - Andrii popa [HDR Limit]
  16. Arapu - Meditatia [Gua Limited]
  17. Skatbard - Sgnelkab [Digitalo]
  18. Dave the Hustler and Evil C - Get up [Paparazzi Records]
  19. Le Chien Perdu - Row's garden [Catwash Records]
  20. Vakula - In my head [Firecracker Recordings]
  21. Off World Colony Outro


San Jose, CA

How did you get into DJing?

I suppose one could say that my love affair with music began at an early age. Much to my chagrin, my mother thought it was beneficial to enroll me for piano lessons. Those lasted about 8 years before I decided to call it quits and move on to greener pastures. Ironically, it was during that time the transition from classical music to electronic music organically unfolded. Sometime in 2000 I began experimenting with blending music on my computer, with disastrous results… this was a time devoid of software sync. In the fall of 2001 I graduated to a pair of turntables and began my journey in collecting vinyl and honing my technical skills. I recall the first few months of practicing being quite frustrating as there was no one to turn to for advice and none of my friends were into DJing… but magically after about 3 months in, something just clicked inside of my head. The rest is, as they say, history. Musically, I've always leaned toward the deeper, weirder more abstract sounds, so my mainstay throughout the years has been a blend between quirky strange house and groovy stripped down techno. Thanks Mom, those piano lessons sure paid off.

What is your preferred method of playing?

My preferred method of playing consists of a harmonious marriage between Serato Scratch Live and vinyl from my record collection. I'm not one to use many effects, if at all, but if I am feeling especially mischievous I'll hook up my iPad mini in order to use Serato Remote to launch samples, loops, etc.


2013 ended on a rather high note, musically speaking (pun intended). I was fortunate to play several fun parties over the last few months; Hot Mass in Pittsburgh (Thanks Aaron Clark/Humanaut) and Beretta Music Halloween party in San Diego (Thanks Charley and Michael)… rounding off with two live shows on 2014 so far has kept the momentum moving. I recently played an outstanding gig at the EndUp in SF, with a very up for it crowd on a late Sunday evening. I think something on the regular will be brewing with those guys. Looking forward, I have a few new podcasts coming up; MCast Sessions on Proton Radio in February, Honcho podcast in March and an All Things Minimal podcast whenever I get my lazy ass in gear. I also have another ultrawizardsword show planned for the end of April. Gig wise, I believe that I have some interesting things lined up for this year, but, I’m going to keep that pussy in the bag for now. However, I will say, one of my personal goals for 2014 is to play out more, go out more and put a face to the name that my atrocious Facebook wall has made for myself. I am definitely excited to see how 2014 unfolds.