GHT034 Matt Miville

17 Jan ’14

Kumatek Collective


  1. Neue Reisen - Shapednoise
  2. Doll - Ryogo Yamamori
  3. The Raven - Mørbeck
  4. Biosh - Exium
  5. Fuego - Developer
  6. Trinket Pusher - Toise
  7. Message - Truncate (Developer Remix v1)
  8. Decal - Nick Höppner
  9. Drama - Etapp Kyle
  10. Idiosynkrasia - Francesco Tristano (Ben Klock Remix)
  11. Walker - Repitch
  12. Tar - Bleaching Agent
  13. Waterfall - Rrose (Lucy Remix)
  14. Forage - Mick Finesse
  15. SG8 - Endless
  16. Comprehend - Abstract Division
  17. Transients - Truncate (Drumcell Remix)
  18. Alpha Connection - Alex Bau
  19. Hypnosis - Hans Bouffmyhre
  20. Ancient Propaganda - Ascion
  21. Maya - Deepbass
  22. Shame - Jeff Derringer
  23. Emperical Science - Reeko
  24. Falling Down - Ade Fenton (Hi-Shock Remix)


Worcester, MA

How did you get into DJing?

I’ve been going out and dancing to techno for years but only recently felt inspired to start mixing. I finally met a couple of very cool homos with similar passions for techno and we completely hit it off. After having an amazing time in Detroit this year, I came home really excited about music. I picked up Traktor, a new mixer, and started messing around; haven't been able to focus on much else since.

What is your preferred method of playing?

I'm having fun with loops in Traktor. I’d like to add a little more complexity at some point; add two more decks to the Traktor set up and repair my turntables so I can learn how to actually mix my vinyl.


At the moment, I’m having fun playing and recording sets for myself. In the future, I’d be interested in playing for some people, but right now it’s more about me still learning to string together the music I’ve been hoarding.