GHT033 Exillon

14 Jun ’13

Jacktone Records (SF), Katabatik (Oakland), Record Label Records (Oakland) are the main crews I work with. Releases on Detroit Underground (MI) Frigio Records (Madrid), The Centrifuge (UK), Ad Noiseam (Berlin), Terminal Dusk (US), Component (CT), Puzzling (Liège), Zod Records (Milwaukee)


  1. Exillon - Unreleased
  2. Lego Feet - Side B Track 1 - Skam
  3. The Minister - Untitled 1 - Creme Organization
  4. 2AM/FM - Deadly Dawn - Spectral Sound
  5. Rude 66 - Hotrods - Creme Organization
  6. Abandoned Footwear - Unreleased part 1
  7. Abandoned Footwear - Unreleased part 2
  8. The Exaltics - Creep Over - Bunker Records
  9. Levon Vincent - Air Raid - Ovum Recordings
  10. MPIA3 - Acid Badger - R&S
  11. Legowelt - Zomby Land - Creme Organization
  12. MPIA3 - Acid Badger - R&S
  13. Marcel Dettmann - Viscous - Ostgut Ton
  14. Death Abyss - Seek Happiness in Victory, but Never in Peace (Inigo Kennedy Remix)
  15. JTC - The Controller (Mick Wills Remix) - MinimalRome
  16. JTC - Nothings The Same - 030303 Recordings
  17. Levon Vincent - Love Technique - Ovum Recordings
  18. Untold - Motion The Dance - Hemlock Recordings
  19. The Exaltics meets Elec Pt. 1 - Drei Chinesen Mit Dem Acidbass
  20. Neil Landstrumm - Kids Wake Up - Planet Mu
  21. D'Marc Cantu - The Lights Brighter - Creme Organization
  22. Basic Soul Unit - Jak'd Freq (A Made Up Sound - Puur Natuur Mix) - Creme Organization
  23. Exillon - 130 acid test - Unreleased
  24. The Future Sound of London - Papa New Guinea
  25. Lory D - Acix9999 - Numbers
  26. D'Marc Cantu - Try Me - M_O_S Recordings
  27. LFO - Blown - Warp Records
  28. Exillon - Chapi Chopo - Sunwarped Records
  29. Silf - Shadows on White Limestone Monuments - Farbwechsel
  30. Silf - Satellite Phone Blinks Red Light - Farbwechsel
  31. Silent Servant - Utopian Disaster (End) (Extended 12" Mix) - Hospital Productions
  32. S Olbricht - S_tdr (Tape 3) - Farbwechsel
  33. Chymera - Swim Away (Steve Moore Remix)
  34. Untold - Luminous - Hemlock Recordings


San Francisco, Oakland, some random warehouse, out in the woods, etc...

How did you get into DJing?

I grew up obsessed with music, either tinkering with drum machines like the Yamaha DD-5, mid-range Casio keyboards and small boomboxes as recording devices or penning the lyrics to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd albums as a kid. Later on, I played saxophone in school, drums and guitar with friends in our parents garages on weekends, inspired by Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Melvins and eventually bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tony Williams, Weather Report. Hearing Plug/Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Bogdan, Ovuca, Mike Dred (Universal Indicator) and all those folks on the Nothing Records sampler CD and seeing Come To Daddy on MTV as a teenager shifted things for me into the electronic space. Some friends of mine in High School turned me onto Impulse Tracker, Cool Edit Pro, ModPlug and AudioMulch and I just stuck with it. I liked doing everything myself and running with whatever vibe/feeling I felt at the time. Slowly, learning more software and eventually getting back into hardware and combining everything together while simultaneously learning more about the history of electronic music and dance/rave culture. After High School, I went to Ex'pressions in Emeryville (class# 8!) and School of Audio Engineering in Nashville - this gave me a good foundation for audio, I quickly realized I wasn't interested in recording shitty bands all day, hearing the drummer make the same mistakes over and over so I moved on, but that foundation is still applied every time I work on my own music. These days I'm more excited about working with other people who make music I like and creating something unique to us as a team. Abandoned Footwear ( is a project that Jynx (Nommo Ogo, Identity Theft, Seacrypt) and I started a year or so ago. Jynx prefers to stay all analog, whereas I tend to bring in more digital/software sources - so we've ended up with a super tight system combining everything together. Yes, there is a laptop involved but it's not handling audio, all the machines have their own voice but we are able to utilize some of the more modern features that software and digital machines bring to the table, while getting the warm, gritty, noisey, smooth, harsh and sometimes random sounds and textures from the analog machines.

What is your preferred method of playing?

Usually, when I play out it's a "live" set with Ableton and machines or sometimes just one machine like the Machinedrum. This time around I did a "DJ set" of tracks I like with a few of my own thrown in. I say "DJ set", but it's more of a sequencing and editing of other people's songs, strewn together to tell a story - sort of like assembling an album or collage. I'm not a real DJ, I can't beatmatch two records to save my life, I don't read the crowd and I don't practice or follow the DJ discipline at all, really. I just like to layer stuff and (would like to think) I have a good ear for frequency and musical balance. This set was assembled with Ableton and effects and contains tracks I'd like to hear on a loud system or on headphones.


1) I started a label with Dabecy & Doc Sleep, please buy a copy of our first 12"!: We are about to release a compilation, more info soon - Jacktone Records -

2) Abandoned Footwear (me + Jynx) are playing a live, all hardware set at Monarch on July 12th with [a]pendics.shuffle, Dr. Rek & Antacid -

3) The 4th annual Katabatik Summer Solstice campout is coming up June 21-23rd and is the highlight event of the summer for me. They're my family of weirdo's who play great music out in the woods, always something new, old, forgotten and memorable -

4) I have a new 12" out on Frigio Records, it's a neat variation of tracks that I'm proud of
US -
Digital -

5) There's some live sets here, including the Boiler Room LA set and a couple gigs that Dabecy and I did together, plus my older releases: