GHT027 DJ Shiva

21 Dec ’12


  1. Fr33k - Death Alley (Julliet Remix) [Login Records]
  2. Wandler - Get Together (Jonas Kopp Remix) [KumQuat]
  3. Oliver Dodd - Porter [Tulipa]
  4. Pjotr G & Dubiosity - Clangor [Gynoid]
  5. Unbalance - Unbalance#3.1 [Unbalance]
  6. Exium - DragN [PoleGroup]
  7. Bleak - Excess [Deeply Rooted House]
  8. Skat - Intolerance (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Technorama]
  9. DVS1 - Evolve [Hush]
  10. Jack Mackrel - Brown Sheet [Scope]
  11. Karenn - Sailing Solvents [Sheworks]
  12. Perc - Pure & Simple [Sleaze]
  13. Pfirter - Fractales [Mindtrip]
  14. Cubix - Rasp [unreleased]
  15. Israel Toledo - Antibiotik (Luis Flores Remix) [Strawberry Digital Made]
  16. Adam Jay - Inward [Chroma]
  17. E. Pravdica - It's Not Fair [Naked Lunch]
  18. James Ruskin & Mark Broom - Erotic Misery [Blueprint]
  19. Reeko - The Guest [Mental Disorder]
  20. A-Brothers - Basement Rocker (Audio Injection Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
  21. Jonas Kopp - Green Fingers [Deeply Rooted House]


Indianapolis, IN


317techno / Gynoid Audio / Chroma Recordings / Slap Jaxx

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing in 1995 and seriously producing in 2004. I am mostly concerned with melting brains and rearranging atoms. I like to think of it as confrontational techno with some funk in the trunk.


Right now I have a forthcoming release co-written with Adam Jay on Translucent with remixes by Mattias Fridell and Ground Loop.

My main project right now is SUBterror Radio, my weekly show at and some other radio projects in the planning stages. You can hear selected archives of the show here:

Lately, I've been enjoying just doing what I love best: selecting amazing music and playing it on a regular basis.