GHT025 Tisdale

1 Dec ’12


  1. George Fitzgerald - Child
  2. Atnarko, Sam Mollison - Thinking Of You (Pezzner's Remix / Fred Everything Re-Dub)
  3. Chaos In The CBD - Dusty Sundays (Jack Dixon Remix)
  4. Joel Alter - Early Birds
  5. Jichael Mackson - Gedons
  6. Ramiro Lopez - Brunch in Guadalmar (Evans & Waterfall remix)
  7. Pablo Bolivar - Magnum (Tigerskin Remix)
  8. Rainer - 8000 Feet Up (Shaun Reeves & Tale of Us Edit)
  9. Guy Gerber, Varoslav, dOP - The Fire Within
  10. Round Two - New Day feat. Andy Caine (Club Vocal Mix)


San Francisco

How did you get into DJing?

I got into producing about 2 years ago with Ableton Suite.

Some of the best moments of my entire life, times where I have felt to be at the pinnacle of my existance, have been dancing with my friends to this kind of music, particularily deeper minimal/house. Having so much bass in this kind of music enables a very rare and intimate form of collective joy with those around you, because you're all simultaneously moving together while not just hearing the music, but (more importantly IMO) you're also feeling it together. That's been my experience with it, and being as touched as I am, and because of musics over all capabilities for my personal growth, I feel the need to contribute. I feel the need for others to have these feelings that music makes me have when I'm dancing with those dear to me. So I bought Ableton.

What is your preferred method of playing?

I've only ever DJ'd with Ableton + APC 40. As I just mentioned, I got into Ableton for producing, I'm much more interested in producing than I am in DJing, but I certainly love to DJ. I'm still pretty new with production and everyone can hear it, but over all I improve in leaps and bounds with every new track I make. They're all on my soundcloud page,

That being said, after learning production basics in Ableton, I just kind of inherently knew how to DJ based on everything I had already learned, so why not put it to use? Oh, also I made this mix "live" in my room in one shot with said software/hardware.


I've recently begun my most exciting musical venture called "WHAT?" with Trevor Sigler, Joe Pickett, and Dima, which is every wednesday at 222 hyde from 7 to midnight. I'm enjoying DJing but am even more passionate about making music and learning. I would love a mentor who's well versed in production that might want to take on a n00b 🙂 Also if you like my mix and want me to DJ for you, just ask, I'd love that!