GHT024 Jason Kendig

2 Nov ’12



  1. waruban ghost - taron-trekka
  2. when you play - sascha rydell
  3. montage - mike dehnert
  4. cctv nation (slam mix) - slam vs. the black dog
  5. clean slate (dvs1 remix) - darko esser
  6. sphinx - marcel fengler
  7. a test (kink remix) - owain k
  8. strange things are afoot (conforce remix) - chymera
  9. native dub - l.b. dub corp
  10. sensual - joachim spieth
  11. innerstate - steve parker
  12. m10 - mike dehnert
  13. boom room - shed
  14. soulspeak (shed remix) - basic soul unit
  15. mojave - kangding ray
  16. futureproofing - actress


dj at honey soundsystem (released music on hnytrx, ecstasy records, mr. intl records and untitled & after)


San Francisco

How did you get into DJing?

i started buying techno and house 12"around 1994 being inspired by the dj's i was seeing at the underground parties taking place in detroit. that insatiable desire to hunt down music hasn't diminished 18 years later. only the means to to do so has evolved.

What is your preferred method of playing?

i still lug around bags of vinyl to gigs but also play cd's. the one thing that hasn't changed is a tendency for being over prepared for a gig.


i currently dj around san francisco and beyond and help throw a weekly sunday night party with the honey soundsystem crew. on the side i continue to hone my production skills. coming up very shortly i've got a remix being put out collaboratively on 12" between honey soundsystem & cocktail d'amore. it's a song called "face love anew" by stereogamous featuring the vocal talents of shaun j wright. definitely check it out!