1. Obey Your Aul – Jay Shepheard, Martin Dawson
  2. Sepia Tones – Nik Frattaroli
  3. Innocent – Samu.l
  4. Shakes (Haikvah Remix) – Nadja Lind
  5. Amicdhala (Piek Remix – Affkt & Samuel Dan
  6. OClock (Gerd’s Deep Mix) – Okain
  7. Butter Face – Liex
  8. Matters – &Me
  9. Hope – Mri & Reig
  10. Far Away (Mike Shannon In A Galaxy Far Far Away Remix) –
  11. Need Electric – Daniel Avery


San Francisco

Present and Future

I recently graduated from art school with a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Audio Production. I have been DJ’ing for about 2 1/2 years and producing for 3 1/2. I like to make jokes and funny faces. I also love living in San Francisco. I think as far as music goes, the city as a whole is pretty spoiled with options. I like to exploit those options.

For this mix I chose a darker (subjective) selection then I would normally choose, but they are all still true to my sound. I hope you guys enjoy what this mix has to offer! Please feel free to send me feedback.

Editor’s note

Trevor kinda neglected to plug his album, so I will. Check out & buy the album from Trevor’s Bandcamp page.

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