GHT021 Juan Ramos

4 Sep ’12


  1. Tom Ellis - Specific Threat
  2. Adam Marshall - For Melvin
  3. Canary Fontaine and Zippy - Clothes Horses
  4. Daze Maxim - Orbiting Closely
  5. Taron Trekka - Krass Und Zick
  6. Jonas Kopp - Dangerous
  7. Marcello Napoletano - Lazz del sottopassagio
  8. I Love Hugh - Awanto 3
  9. Lucretio - Where You
  10. Oliver Deutschmann - Gimme Some Love
  11. Mr. G - Pulsez
  12. marsmatic 700 - prespun
  13. Crystal Bois (Sex Tags Mania) - Can You Handle The Acid!
  14. Fast Eddie - Git On Up (The Tyree Cooper Mix)
  15. Special Request - Deflowered (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup Remix)
  16. Ordinary Folk - Out Of The Darkness
  17. Slammode - Virtual Reality 124!!!
  18. Weed People - Spirit Drum II
  19. Marcelus - Sulfuric
  20. Armando - Radikal Bitch (London Fierce Pussy Mix)
  21. Redshape - On Da Floor
  22. C.L.A.W.S. - Glass Monkey
  23. Italojohnson - Untitled (ITJ005)
  24. Omar S and Kai Alce - Not Phazed


Oxford, CT

How did you get into djing?

I started playing around with production when I was 11 or 12 with a software called DM2 I believe. Haven't stopped ever since. I started out playing off a laptop but I've taken up playing vinyl exclusively instead. I occasionally bring some CD's out as well. The recording set up was very basic (it's all we can get in the forest) Two turntables. 1 CD player, a Behringer mixer and my Abelton Live to capture the audio.


I am simply floating around these days, occasionally playing parties in Brooklyn a few times a year for the Sunrise Over Monitor kids. Looking forward to playing for some fresh faces before the end of the year and generally I'm just looking to have lots of fun!