GHT020 Charley Ten

24 Aug ’12

BerettaMusic/OpenBordersLounge (Detroit/Telepresent)


  1. quantec - easing of tension
  2. sterac - the secret lives of machines (dub 2)
  3. niro - agachoo - fred p reshape
  4. pulshar - kms - pablo bolivar space edit
  5. white label
  6. matams - the hills - stefan weise remix
  7. pete moss - late night up north (wink interpretation)
  8. lori asano - bloom
  9. white label - Untitled
  10. luke hess - slow to speak
  11. oliver huntemann - melbourne
  12. steven weise - dualism)
  13. harvey mckay - the message
  14. moodymanc - omlette (dplay remix)

How did you get into djing?

I am an intermedia artist who has been utilizing dj sets for over a decade to lure listeners into a sensorial state of deep rhythmic and melodic abandon. I'm thoroughly obsessed with collecting and playing with all the different types of deep sounds that the universe has to offer.

After a hearty career of fledgling undergrounding, I got involved with various crews throwing parties in Los Angeles in 1998 and by the year 2000 I had already amassed a sizable collection of deep wax. After finishing fashion school, I got a job with Ovum Recordings from 2003-2005 in marketing and promotions. It was really great experience getting to help out with Ovum shows around the states and especially at WMC. In mid 2004 I met one of the founders of BerettaMusic, Ryski, as we were constantly running into each other at gigs in Southern California. 2005 was the first year I attended DEMF, and became great friends with the rest of the Beretta Crew. I have been integrally involved with the label ever since. I started the deep podcast "Distance Over Time" ( in March of 2009 which serves as a broader musical framework for Beretta artists to contextualize their work within and also as a gourmet supplement to their personal musical visions.

What is your preferred method of playing?

My ideal setup employs vinyl and serato scratch live with a kontrol x-1 on technics and all routed through a xone mixer - this is setup I created my GaysHateTechno mix with.