GHT018 Davide Gualandi

1 May ’12


  1. Object - 113
  2. Mika Vainio - Ensimmäinen Valo
  3. Claudio PRC - Horizon
  4. Shifted - More Static
  5. Unam Zetineb 12" (Marco Piovesan Remix)
  6. AnD - b1
  7. Polar Inertia - Sole Star
  8. Battles - Inchworm (Silent Servant Remix)
  9. Tom Dicicco - Night Erosion (Original Mix)
  10. Deepbass & Ness - Proximity
  11. Framework - Flatland (Luis Flores Remix)
  12. Perc - Submit
  13. Brian Sanhaji & Drumcell - Split (Dub Version)
  14. Perc - Gonkle (Bitten By The Black Dog)
  15. Mark Broom - M28 (Truncate Remix)
  16. Subjected - 008 B V1
  17. Gianluca Angelini - Nemesis (Conrad Van Orton Rebuilding)


Brooklyn, NY

How did you get into djing?

I've been making mixes for people for about 8 years. Traktor just makes it stupidly easy to fool around with music and whether you're playing with techno or ambient music, there's always something rewarding about looping and stacking sounds on top of each other. I understand method is everything in art, so I will avoid saying I'm a "dj" to save myself from the stale conversation around the definition of "dj labor". I just love these records. I'm not making a dime pressing these buttons.

I was a music writer for a magazine called Blow Up for many years and for most of those years I thought I'd always be on the listening side of the spectrum, never really getting my hands dirty. Attending techno stuff in NYC and in Berlin last year has inspired this anti-midlife-crisis phase where I have an itch to actually put stuff out there. We'll see how it develops.

What is your preferred method of playing?

It's all Traktor. Like a real poser.


I'm making podcast stuff for other friends running sites/parties. That's about it.