GHT016 Charley Ten

4 Apr ’12

BerettaMusic/OpenBordersLounge (Detroit/Telepresent)


  1. Sunkiss - Lesson Du Vox
  2. Conforce - Digital Affair
  3. Lemon Tree - Upwellings
  4. white label - untitled
  5. Lowtek Soundsystem - Stella Polaris
  6. Pablo Bolivar - Vibration
  7. Mihai Popoviciu - View From The Outside
  8. Arthur Oskan - Sentimental (feat. Jesse Somfay)
  9. white label - Untitled
  10. H.O.S.H. - Steppenwolf (Jerome Sydenham's Blacktro Dub)
  11. Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - Oberon (Ribn Remix)
  12. Monty Luke - Futura (Luke Hess Remix)
  13. Duke - Regen
  14. white label - untitled
  15. white label - untitled

How did you get into djing?

I am an intermedia artist who has been utilizing dj sets for over a decade to lure listeners into a sensorial state of deep rhythmic and melodic abandon. I'm thoroughly obsessed with collecting and playing with all the different types of deep sounds that the universe has to offer.

After a hearty career of fledgling undergrounding, I got involved with various crews throwing parties in Los Angeles in 1998 and by the year 2000 I had already amassed a sizable collection of deep wax. After finishing fashion school, I got a job with Ovum Recordings from 2003-2005 in marketing and promotions. It was really great experience getting to help out with Ovum shows around the states and especially at WMC. In mid 2004 I met one of the founders of BerettaMusic, Ryski, as we were constantly running into each other at gigs in Southern California. 2005 was the first year I attended DEMF, and became great friends with the rest of the Beretta Crew. I have been integrally involved with the label ever since. I started the deep podcast "Distance Over Time" ( in March of 2009 which serves as a broader musical framework for Beretta artists to contextualize their work within and also as a gourmet supplement to their personal musical visions.

What is your preferred method of playing?

My ideal setup employs vinyl and serato scratch live with a kontrol x-1 on technics and all routed through a xone mixer - this is setup I created my GaysHateTechno mix with.


This year (2012) at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, BerettaMusic is proud to present their 10th birthday party which is bound to be legendary. Please feel free to check out all of my current and past projects at: