GHT014 Ben Manzone

19 Mar ’12

Pneumatic Records, Sycorax


  1. Skudge - Convulsion
  2. DBX - losing Control
  3. EQD - Equalized 001
  4. Vril - VU 
  5. Mark Broom - Stag
  6. Planetary Assault System - Rip The Cut
  7. Jeff Mills - The Good Robot
  8. DVS1 - Floating
  9. Christian Bloch - Displace
  10. Robert Hood - The Family
  11. Fanon Flowers - Mode 15
  12. Regis - Cold Water
  13. Joris Voorn - Incident
  14. Derrick May - A Relic
  15. Levon Vincent - Medium Is The Message
  16. Convextion - Miranda
  17. Vainqueur - Emerge 1
  18. Marcel Dettmann -  Kernel
  19. Moritz Von Oswald - Wamatu Beach
  20. Chasing Voices - Acid Bathory
  21. Rhythm & Sound The Love Joys - Best Friend



How did you get into djing and producing?

Djing: I've always been into making mixtapes. i remember sitting by the radio as a kid taping songs off the radio and putting it together as a mixtape(first few seconds cut off of songs) , and then in the 90's trading tapes with friends, and i've been told that I make legendary mixtapes so yea……
I've been collecting records since my early teens, and then in my late teens early 20's friends of mine would ask me to play records at their house parties...and that's basically how it started. I didn't start to mix or really take it seriously till i started going out to parties in nyc around 2001-02.. I held my first residency and cut my teeth as a disco dj back in 2003 at a party called "Main Ingredients", and since then i've been fortunate enough to have played at: apt, santos party house, passerby, club 205, club love, tribeca grand, and le bain at the standard, 
Producing: I played the drums as a kid, and studied music production/audio engineer in college, but it was daft punk that made me want to produce dance music! " teachers" is my template! 

What is your preferred method of playing?

vinyl, and a few cd's


In January 2012 I started a record label with my creative partner Daniel Helmer, and in February we put out our first record: Sycorax “Scrapped & Buttered” ep. It's currently in stores, and is available to order through our website, or through downtown 304, and it hits shops in the uk/germany next week!
You can follow me on Tumblr, and Twitter:!/benmanzone
We have a second release planned for the spring, which will have two original Sycorax tracks and remixes by Terekke (L.I.E.S) and Steve Summers (Clone, L.I.E.S)
I also have a Sycorax live PA debut show planned for may 5th at Shea Stadium in Bushwick, Brooklyn..powered by the infamous Bakery Soundsystem…