GHT010 Trevor Sigler

21 Feb ’12

SQURRRL & Rocket Collective


  1. Kris Wadsworth - It's Time
  2. Nick Monaco - Nick's Episode (Ardalan Remix)
  3. Franco Cinelli - Synewave
  4. Gabriel Ferreira - Sill
  5. Truncate - Concentrate
  6. Wehbba - Balance
  7. Nathan Coles, David Coker - Summer Acid
  8. Funk D'void - Shadowchaser (Alexander Kowalski Remix)
  9. Martyn - Masks
  10. Eliphino - I Played
  11. Victor Ruiz - Take a Nap (Rework)


San Francisco

How did you get into djing?

I got into DJ'ing about 2 years ago after I started going to school for Audio Production. The production side of things really sparked my interest in DJ'ing and mixing other tracks together.

What is your preferred method of playing?

I use Traktor with a Denon DN-MC6000LE controller, I also use Serato Scratch and/or CD's for gigs that the DJ booth has less room in. I recorded this set with Traktor and its internal mix recorder.


Right now my biggest focuses are: A) Graduating, B) SQURRRL and all things we are planning for the future, C) Getting Rocket Collective off the ground to help benefit Burning Man camps and attendees. I'm also releasing an album in mid March accompanied by a release party. I had a remix released on February 10th on Coconut Palm Records. Its a tech house remix of Electro Crazed's "Dark Harmonies,"