GHT007 Deerbeat

30 Jan ’12



  1. 001 Donato Dozzy – Untitled
  2. 002 Conforce – Ominous
  3. 003 Isodyne - Answer To No One
  4. 004 Mike Dehnert – Pneumatic
  5. 005 Delta Funktionen – Torpor
  6. 006 Milton Bradley - Sequence #1
  7. 007 Emptyset – Avichi
  8. 008 Cosmin TRG – Izolat
  9. 009 Marcelus – 24-7
  10. 010 Sawf - Ninio (Subjected Remix)
  11. 011 Marcel Dettmann - Translation Two
  12. 012 Planetary Assault Systems - Om The Def
  13. 013 Perc - Gonkle (Bitten By The Black Dog)



How did you get into djing?

I started producing in 1998 some techno tracks with a really basic program but with nice results into techno sounds. As a dj i did on 2000 playing on privates parties and some expos. Since 2002 i started in some small clubs, openings and bars as FEM Madrid, Museo Chicote, Stars café, Suite, etc.. playing more ambient, techno and dubtechno in Madrid. Sometiomes i played tech-house and electro.I was the guest dj in Cassette Club openning in 2006 and I've played there two times more.

In 2009 i stopped djing and focus on producing music for websites, advertisements and some art videos. This music was experimental and more into electronic style. Also i made my own postrock project which is stopped until i can create my own band and i started playing drums. There was when SPACEBULLFIGHTERS born as a self project which i hope it will be my own record label soon. Also i still making techno... it's in my blood!!!

Present & future

In 2011 i decided to move to Berlin cause i want to breathe the techno ambience is his natural being. Now a new project begin, Deerbeat. It's basicly a techno, dub techno and electronic sounds project. Hope than soon you can hear it.

Soon i will release an EP in T3R Records and will start to move my own project, Spacebullfighters with some friends.