1. Drexciya – Interstellar Crime Report
  2. The Black Dog – The Death Ov The Black Sun
  3. Time Light Curve – Acidlab
  4. Scape One – Substorm
  5. Time Light Curve – Magnetite
  6. Tommy Four Seven – Sevals (Terence Fixmer’s Mental Drive Mix)
  7. 2 Dollar Egg – Lego Pet
  8. The Black Dog – Dada Mindstab
  9. Morphology – Uranias Mirror
  10. The Infiltrator – They Will Never Know
  11. Ronny & Renzo – Heartbreak Theme (C2 cinermx by Carl Craig)
  12. Phil Kieran – Le Carrousel (Wesley Matsell’s hypervertical remix)



How did you get into djing?

I started DJ-ing when I was 16, I was a big techno fan that times, that was the genre I started with.. mostly the european scene. bpitch control, etc..

Present & future

Not sure about the future, I’m doing it because it’s a vital part of my life. I’m also getting deeper and deeper into production, on my way to find the best environment and tools I can work with..

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