GHT004 Aaron Clark

5 Jan ’12

Humanaut / VIA


  1. Shawn Rudiman - In Light - In Darkness
  2. Nuel - Mentalism
  3. Pittsburgh Track Authority - Monongahela Rainforest
  4. Jenifa Myanga - Dark Matter
  5. Conforce - Lonely Run
  6. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Uneins (Aril Brikha Remix)
  7. Deepchord - Sofitel
  8. Lions of Judah - Rhythmatism (19.454. Reduced)
  9. Ripperton - Farraway
  10. Cottam - Deep Deep Down
  11. Stewart Walker - Fragile Chemistry (Touane Remix)
  12. Sigha - Finding Myself
  13. Delta Funktionen - Intruder
  14. Kevin Yost - Just Want
  15. DJ W!ld & Chris Carrier - Pep A Cat Up
  16. D'Marc Cantu - How Are We Doing?
  17. Mondo - Work Me (Rootstrax Version)
  18. STL - All Night Long
  19. Crowdpleaser - My Grandmother Could Tell You That (Daniel Maloso Mix)
  20. Hans Thalau - 007.1
  21. Pittsburgh Track Authority - Untitled




How did you get into djing?

I got hooked in middle school when Napster came around. I'd hear a lot of mainstream electronic music in the background of commercials, do a search for what the music was, and then download it. Over time I got to know the more underground producers because of the remixes they did of those tracks, and I just slowly went further down the rabbit hole into where I'm at now. Pretty early in I made the connection that this music had a party culture to go with it, and the minute I turned 18 I was dragging my high school friends with me to the Ohio clubs where I grew up. First time there that was that – I was hooked. Looking back on it, it was kind of weird the route I took into the music. Most of my friends entered into it through raves when they were younger, I came in from the opposite direction.

What’s you preferred method of playing?

I really don't have a personal preference in method of playing. I love vinyl, I love CDJs, and I just fell in love with my buddy's Traktor S4 this past weekend (oh no!). My perfect setup will always include Tech 1200s no matter how advanced stuff gets.

Present & future

Humanaut is my original baby out of the projects I have my hands in. That has been around in some form since 2004, and our goal with that one is to focus strictly on house and techno parties — the serious business. We just started a monthly called 'Out of Order' at a shitty punk club. Super dingy and dark — it's perfect. As of right now we have Kirk Degiorgio, Tin Man & Reference lined up to carry us into the summer. The other time suck for me is the VIA Festival, which we launched in October of 2010. It's an experimental A/V festival in the vein of Mutek, but with a bit broader range of music to it. It's not so techno oriented, although that is part of the programming as well. For the techno day of the 2011 version we had the Underground Resistance live band play, followed by a Humanaut afterparty with Sutekh, Donato Dozzy & Nuel. Edgar Um (from GHT) is also one of the main music curators for it. I've also been in the process of setting up a booking agency called Eightyº with Claude Young, Kirk Degiorgio and some really solid Pittsburgh locals like Shawn Rudiman and Pittsburgh Track Authority. I'm not getting much free time these days.