GHT003 DJ Ron Like Hell

29 Dec ’11



  1. Charles Earland : Changes
  2. Black Dog : Techno Playtime
  3. Readymade : Strawberries
  4. Pink Noise : Give Me Energy (Hyper-Dub Mix)
  5. Manoo : Ayome (Dub)
  6. SB Project PT. II : Untitled
  7. Zeka : Katara’s Run
  8. Rino Cerrone : Untitled 04
  9. Dhamas : Blue
  10. Samuel’s Bongo Squad : Massive
  11. Kevin Yost : Show (Benji Candelario edit)
  12. Ultramarine : Hooter (Carl Craig remix)
  13. Isolee : The Fantastic Researches Of Yushin Maru
  14. Steve Barnes: Cosmic Sandwich (extended)
  15. I:Cube : Operation Hypnosis
  16. Simon Baker : Plastik
  17. 2 Lone Swordsmen : Don’t Call It Jerk
  18. Audision : Vanish (Ron Like Hell edit)


New York City

How did you get into djing?

I started with tape edits and making mixtapes. Friends liked my selections of tracks and how they were programmed. I often did my own remixes by editing sections and extending them by using various versions and remixes of the track by hitting pause & record buttons. i didn’t settle on my own set of decks until 1999! I never would have achieved the skills i have today without the help & support of those who looked out for me back in the 90s.

What’s you preferred method of playing?

My preferred method of deejaying is using vinyl and turntables. I like seeing music performed live so i like my mixes to have a raw and spontaneous feel. Perfect, seamless and tight mixing is the goal but a FEELING is a must. This mix was done in one take using records, 2 turntables and a mixer and was recorded directly to a CD Recorder and not to a laptop. Computer compression was used to upload and send to Gays Hate Techno in an AIFF format. I am beginning to use CDs more in my live sets so i can play unreleased tracks by friends or WAVS that are purchased since more and more new music that i am attracted to is becoming digi only.

Present & future

These days, my buddy Ryan Smith & I are hard at work with our monthly WRECKED party in downtown Manhattan, where house, disco and techno of all styles collide in a  basement for the those who live for the night. the party begins at midnight and can go past 6am. I sometimes dj over seas in Norway and look forward to venturing out to other countries as well. i would really love to dj in Scotland, Berlin, London, Budapest & Spain. i often hear & read about wonderful parties in Australia too.  it is my belief that people look beautiful and at their best when they are dancing...personality and the soul is revealed. When a dancer notices you watching them, they usually smile or get shy. i think it’s incredibly cool and i want to keep people dancing for as long as i can.