GHT 043 StrikeStone GHT Compilation IV Mega Mix

11 Nov ’19


Virginia, D.C., Maryland


Phunked UP! / Otter Den / Good Buddies / Nerang Recordings Outreach / NASA


1 115.00 Orphan Raver - Ambien and Apollo (Whitey Still on the Moon Mix)
2 120.00 Odd Duck - Of Acid
3 120.00 Alex Is - crtsy
4 123.00 Roy Shade - Temple
5 130.00 Painters Radio - Rattlesnake (GHT Version)
6 135.00 Mark O'Brien - Bang It Out
7 132.00 Synthezman - FF
8 128.00 StrikeStone! - Spectrum Spectacular (Breaking Through)
9 136.10 Dial F - Air Floors
10 127.00 Tom Ass - Belly Flop
11 131.00 Trovarsi - Kinetic
12 145.10 ghost.slut - Flight of the Snakes
13 134.00 Acid Daddy - What They Took from Me I Will Never Get Back
14 133.00 Jacksonick - Get Closer

What’s your preferred method of playing?

Two CDJs and a decent mixer and I won't complain, although I love having a third for tight back to back mixing or looping any dj tools, acapellas, and spoken word that I fancy at the moment. I usually like to play tucked high away in a back corner that isn't the focus of the venue, that way I can get a good view or I like to be on the floor with the crowd with not much spotlight. I typically don't use much of my monitor at all because I like to hear what is going on out on the dancefloor. When it comes to vinyl, although I have a decent record collection and sometimes bite the bullet on buying a three track press with shipping three times what the record costs itself, I've only DJd an all vinyl set four times. Not my preferred method as I can't afford the shipping for a lot of them to keep up with the what's up. At home I use an XDJ-RX to practice on now, which is what I used to record this mix! As far as producing, I still use Ableton 9, and a Akai MPK, plus my vault of samples. I am usually a sample based producer, I like to incorporate VST/analog sounds as well. Typically my tracks right now are 50/50 but working on finding the right sound still and maybe switch to all analog one day, but I kind of have fun doing whatever I want without having to dive into one specific genre or structure. The ultimate switch!

How did you get into djing?

I am pretty new to all of this in a lot of ways, but I started DJing nine years ago, and producing music ten years ago, 2009.

I started making whacky sample based breaky rave tracks through a cracked ableton 8, and then I bought myself a denon hd2500, which I used to practice djing jungle/drum& bass with. Prior to that I was using Ableton live to mix cheeky rave sets with. I liked it all so much I eventually bought myself ableton 9 and got into making everything from disco and house edits to garage and techno cuts. I would go up to Baltimore for warehouse parties and the Paradox. I felt more comfortable in Baltimore than I did in D.C. at the time. I got my first big gig at the Paradox for the 19th annual Maskarave in 2011. In 2012 I helped produce the NASA 20th anniversary with N-Joi, 808 State, Altern8 and Joey Beltram! That was an experience that propelled me in the direction I wanted to go. As time progressed with other gigs throughout the rave scene in the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia), I felt more out of place(unsafe) and wanting to be around more like minded queer folx. The problem was that gay clubs at the time weren't into what i was laying down, and I was "too edm" for the rising underground techno scenes. Always "too underground" or "too edm"

Luckily that has slowly changed over the years. D.C. is THRIVING! So many awesome DJs, events, crews and labels that have risen throughout the past 5 years and I have been able to connect with a great music family though groups such as gays hate techno. I started making music because it was a great way for me to either escape or express myself at any given time. I think music became my muse because of coming from a musical background with my father playing cello and their parents who composed music together. I love dancing a lot and it really makes me happy and emotional. I feel like a human. It calms and defrags my wandering mind. I am so grateful to get opportunities to play music for others, because I am sure they get those same happy feelings on the dancefloor as well! To me it is a cathartic, dare I say a spiritual thing. To the beat of one drum! .

Present & future

In regards to events, DJing, and producing, they have been on the backburner of my mind and not really set as a priority, so I haven't been going full steam ahead. I turned thirty this year and a cascade called life has hit me with a lot of enlightenment and affirmations which has me working on my mental health and well being. I never expected to get this far in life and now that I have, I guess I really do have to focus and envision a future. Brighter days! I am so grateful to be able to get by in life with music, I felt it necessary to try and give back. So, I am in the slow process of putting together a label called Outreach that will have biannual local music compilations featuring vocals from local performers and drag entertainers. The proceeds from the compilation will go to local lgbtqia organizations. Currently trying to make my way across the pond to Germany for renaturalization, in honor of my grandfather, Ludwig Lenel a German Jewish organ composer who came to America in 1939 when he was 16. I know, it’s super cliche to move to Germany and work on techno music ?✌️Gearing up for a west coast winter tour in 2020 with dates in Vancouver, Portland, and San Francisco so far