2020 Music Lineup



Specializing deeply in storytelling from his perspective as a queer person of color, which often encompasses vulnerability in complex relationships, Achaziyah's sound design yields soundscapes of opulence and abundance via house and techno while he chooses to communicate his gritty, even more personal narratives through queer hip-hop and Jersey club.

Acid Daddy

Chicago, Dieselcast / Identity Spectrum Records

trans artist making bleeps and bloops in chicago. label daddy of identity spectrum records, curator of acid daddy’s dieselcast, and dance floor freak.

aetatis suae

San Francisco

I am a drummer first and foremost and play acoustic drums and loops alongside drum machines, synthesizers and samplers with lots of found and manipulated sounds.


Oakland, Katabatik

Aigokeros is the vehicle for the experiential and hallucinatory compositions of C. Ashbrook. Known for his work as engineer in underground soundsystem counterculture, Aigokeros rearranges highly detailed sonic structures into large format architectural arrangements. These structures align to create a vocabulary that reconsiders an intense language of sound as a multidimensional metaphysical state and trajectory. 

Alex DJ

San Francisco

Non-binary DJ and rave anthropologist from San Francisco

Anthony Bisset


Article C


San Francisco

Auntbient is a San Francisco-based event organizer and co-founder of Noctuary SF, a dance music collective for women & gender non-conforming people. Her primary influences include Midwest techno, drone, dub, and the deeper and more psychedelic ends of ambient music.


Detroit, Chaotic Neutral/Seraphine Collective 

Unafraid to dig deep and also play the hits, Detroit-based deejay BEIGE is known for colorful, emotive sets that whip between genres and tempos—big melodies, big vocals, big Moods—and honor the dancefloor as a space for healing and transformation.


Berlin, Deep Club/Mikro Disko 

Helped start the party and record label, Deep Club, in Denver CO. Been playing and organizing queer parties in Denver in Berlin for 9 years.


Oakland, Pound Puppy

Growing up in the UK, Carrie discovered her love of house music at the tender age of 14, when she started attending acid house parties. After moving to London at age 20, she became a resident DJ at the Friendly Society, a SoHo bar where she warmed up the London crowds before they went out clubbing. During her five-year residency, she also began playing at clubs and bars in Brixton, branching into soulful house and disco. She was fortunate to DJ with most of her DJ idols and favorite producers before leaving the UK for San Francisco in 2010. In SF, Carrie continues to play a combination of nu disco, classic disco, and house under the moniker CarrieOnDisco, with a singular focus on bringing joy to the dance floor. She has DJed at the Stud, Holy Cow, the Lookout, the Eagle, BeatBox, New Parrish, and Oasis. She is one of the resident DJs at Pound Puppy and has played for SF institutions including Honey Soundsystem, Some Thing, Hard French, Polyglamorous, and Go Bang.

Chelley Sherman

San Francisco

Chelley Sherman is a virtual artist from San Francisco. Her work is governed by patterns and texture which harness the neural systems that underlie enthrallment in darkness, ritual, reverie. Her practice consists of experiments in extended realities, virtual and augmented, as well as interactive sound installations and AV performances. Using computational methods and researching cognitive processes of perception, she explores the relationship between light and sound and resulting psychoacoustic effects in spatial sonic architectures and landscapes.

Her works have been presented in installation and performances in media arts festivals including Mutek, SXSW, and Movement in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, and New York. She has also given talks and lectures at IDEO, Gray Area, and Adobe Research. Her works have also been featured in the Creators Project, Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch and BBC Radio. She has previously been a member of Mozilla’s XR studio, and is currently a member of Berlin based XR Coven.

Club Chow

Chicago, Enigma!/Make-out Party

Club chow is a Taiwanese-American DJ working in Chicago's queer nightlife scene as resident of the Make-out Party (a house-oriented, sex-positive club night) and Enigma! Sundays (a QPOC-organized performance and visual art showcase and looks party).



دانا(Dana) is a Chicago-based DJ and producer with a release on Identity Spectrum Records. She also has a web of queer music family throughout the Midwest and West Coast, having played parties in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit and San Francisco. She is presently focused on creating her own space with partner, Jarvi aka Acid Daddy, to highlight artists that inspire them outside of capitalist, exploitative structures and club experiences.

Darcy Neal


Darcy Neal was originally inspired by the art of circuit bending and began to create customized objects with a focus on interactive experiences. They perform live with their devices and teach electronic music workshops for fun. Their focus is directed towards physical computing and having tangible sensory exchanges with interactive instruments.


DJ Don't


A queer boi who loves dancing to dub, club, footwork, trance, breakbeat, techno, dark, crazy, fast, hard, pop, deep, and gay ass music, so he puts it all together in his multi-genre sets. He helps produce and holds a residency at Circuit Breaker and Switch in Portland, OR.

DJ Having Sex

Seattle, Psychic Deli

DJ Having Sex is a Seattle-based nonbinary breakbeat dj with a psychedelic focus on chaos and percussion. Their sets will often span BPMs, genres, and disrupt sequence to a dizzying, unpredictable but danceable storm. For those who have never been witness: stretch and wear protection.

Ethan Brown

Chicago, Inbound/Bless this Mess

Ethan is currently based in Chicago, but discovered dance music at basement parties in Bloomington Indiana. His practice has evolved over the years, but the power of ecstatic dance is his driving force. Ethan keeps busy helping out the queer party Bless This Mess and with a regular show on WNUR, inbound.


Chicago, Edmonton

Evidence is a collaboration between sound artists Stephan Moore and Scott Smallwood. Since 2001, they have developed a distinctive language of deeply layered sound, using field recordings of natural, urban, and industrial sources as their primary material and inspiration. They make studio compositions, live improvisations, sound installations, and collaborate in theater and dance projects.


Group Rhoda


Group Rhoda is the solo electronic music project of Mara Barenbaum, based out of Oakland, California. The project started around 2009 with a debut album ‘Out of Time, Out of Touch’ in 2012 on Night School Records and ‘12th House’ in 2013 on Not Not Fun. She is also one half of Max and Mara who released the album ‘Less Ness’ in 2013 on Dark Entries Records. She is committed to live performance, situated within the analog synthesizer and drum machine medium.


Jacob London/KEXP/Hush Hush Recordings

Brit Hansen has been an integral figure within the Seattle electronic music community for over two decades. She started alongside Dave Pezzner as beloved quirk-house duo Jacob London, but in recent years has shifted focus to her more transportive solo work as Hanssen.



Hommegranate is the DJ alias of Ben Kim, a diasporic queerean, utopian, lover, friend, and dancer. They currently find their spiritual home beside front left speakers across the Pacific Northwest. Through creating and sharing sounds, they hope to pay tithe to the ancient healing power of the rave.



Isaac Linder (ilind) is a Washington DC-born, Denver-based DJ, organizer, researcher, and listener dedicated to the transformative and therapeutic potentials of ecstatic electronic music.


San Francisco, Fog City Pack/DAD SF

Jumpr aims to be a dance floor filler, agnostic of genre. Whether it's swirling disco classics or sweaty bathhouse beats, Jumpr wants to bring the rush and keep the energy ecstatic.

Kevin O'Connor

San Francisco

Kevin O'Connor is a SF based DJ who has been using his musical journey to tell interesting stories and give zoomed out perspective for the past 10 years. Music is a language that can describe emotions and urges that words never could. Kevin speaks that language.

Kiernan Laveaux

Cleveland, Motherbeat/In Training

Originating as one of the driving forces behind In Training, a long running queer event series founded in Cleveland Ohio in 2014, Kiernan Laveaux has made a name for herself through her DJ sets and bookings that characterize and reflect the rustbelt environment she was birthed from.
Inspired by her peers, the experimentalism and joy found within midwestern electronic music, and the forces that gifted her the name Kiernan Laveaux, she's since embarked on a journey of exploring rhythms and communicating through the motherbeat.
She now exists only to channel warmth and understanding to dancers of open mind and spirit everywhere.


San Francisco, Noctuary SF/Public Works

Kudeki is a San Francisco DJ and promoter who co-runs the Noctuary parties with Alex McGeagh, highlighting women & non-binary artists previously unknown in the bay. As a DJ she adapts to everything from a residency at Public Works to Burning Man’s Berghain analogue to daytime bliss at San Francisco Pride.


Chicago, Daisychain

Born in Upstate New York, Leesh moved to Chicago in 2017 after participating in the Walking & Falling DJ mentorship program. Inspired by this she created Daisychain ~ a weekly guest mix series to showcase and celebrate the beauty of women and nonbinary DJs and artists.


Pittsburgh, BOOM Concepts/gfx

Pittsburgh-based artist Julie Malice works with digital media, paint, installation and performance. Malzof is their audio output, layering ambient, experimental and broken dance rhythms. Having VJed for many years, they performed their first DJ/VJ set in 2015. Their DJ style takes much after the way they mix visuals.

Marc Manning

San Francisco, Dragons Eye

Marc Manning is an artist and musician living and working in San Francisco. His work includes painting and some performance. since his first recording under his own name in 2004 Manning has been exploring the possibilities of guitar and sent to summon a synergistic living cauldron of sound



Quad hardware techno and auditory illusions by LunaXIX and Nezzy Idy from the SF Bay Area.

Matt Sussman

Oakland, Other Stranger

Matt Sussman is a resident at Other Stranger, a night of mutant electronics at The Stud, along with with Scott Moore and Bobby McColl.

Natasha Kmeto

Portland, Future Archives Recordings

Natasha Kmeto is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer from Portland, OR. Kmeto weaves dreamy dancefloor hits with influences from soul, R&B, electronic music, and pop. Her songs are emotional, honest, and open in their sharp lyricism, over fierce, dynamic rhythms and beats that keep dancefloors pulsing. Natasha Kmeto controls the dancehall from the stage, utilizing an electronic toolkit she has developed over the years.


Portland, UwU

Nolid, aka Ryan Bunao, is a Filpinx DJ living in Portland, Oregon. Their sound is deep, spiralling and psychedelic. A member of UwU, a newly formed T/GNC & QTPOC- focused artist collective, Nolid has found safety and inspiration in the close-knit queer music community.


Portland, Bridge Club/Always Never Yesterday 

Orographic is known for textured and genre-slipping sets that combine techno, house, breaks and acid with hypnotic grooves and otherworldly urgency. Rob brings his interests in music, art, social practice, and community together as one of the organizing minds of Portland's legendary party Bridge Club.


Portland, Vision Network 

Portland based selector, Persephone, is musically influenced by what it feels like to be human. She uses music as creative healing and to connect to her lived reality. She wishes to induce hypnosis, intending to connect with others through the palpable experience of movement and music. She enjoys strange and sinister sounds and considers herself an eternal student of music, drawing from styles such as techno, electro, EBM, acid, synth, house, italo, industrial, wave and more.



pH resides in Washington DC. Formerly a supporting coordinator for DJ Lisa Frank's party series Roam, he pulls together earthy percussion, mechanized swing, swirling melodies, and plenty of reverb to create a cosmic listening experience.


Oakland, Katabatik

Phoxii will be bringing the very cutting edge of subconscious rectal manipulation memes and electromagnetic haberdashery- guaranteed to get you in the mood for getting mugged by large raccoons.

Robert Crouch

Dragon's Eye Recordings/Line/Touch/Room40

Robert Takahashi Crouch is a queer identified, biracial artist and curator whose work encompasses sound, performance, and technology. His work focuses on the space between conceptual sound art and contemporary electronic music.


Chicago, god particle/Walking and Falling

Sassmouth is a DJ based in her longtime home, Chicago. She playfully mixes all kinds of records, with a focus on house, techno, acid and electro sounds. She created her label god particle as a homage to this style of DJing- a place for friends to showcase music that connects the dots between all these styles of dance music. She is a rave mom and real mom and co-runs Walking and Falling- a mentor program for women and non-binary music enthusiasts that want to learn to DJ.

Scott Moore

San Francisco, Jacktone

Called both “seminal queercore guitarist” and “an art college library’s worth of queer film, art, music, and literary references” by Vice, Scott Moore is best known as guitarist in long-running influential queer hardcore band Limp Wrist, and in the dreamy, dark punk and angular pop group Flesh World. Less known is Scott’s arresting, uncategorizable solo electronica. Scott’s debut solo EP “Slow Motion Pictures” (Jacktone Records) masterfully blends elements of psychedelia, broken beat, acid, and industrial.


Seattle, False Prophet / TUF / Depth / Studio 4/4 / KEXP 90.3 FM

DJ Sharlese co-founded industrial wave crew, False Prophet and is currently a resident at Pony Seattle with her monthly party Audiodrome. Other affiliations include Depth, TUF, Studio 4/4 and KEXP 90.3 FM as the Education & Community Engagement Manager and rotating host on Expansions, third Sundays of the month.

Sis Girl

San Francisco 

Sis Girl builds a queer underground sound through a focus on integrating multiple genres. Electro, breaks, and acid inform their sound, bound by bass, streaked with lush textures and psychedelic influences

Sister Zo

Kansas City, MO, UN/TUCK

One of the creative forces behind UN/TUCK, a queer/trans label and collective in Kansas City Missouri, Sister Zo has established herself as an eclectic DJ, producer and organizer in the Midwest queer underground. A sorceress at heart, she uses DJing to facilitate moments of catharsis and liberation.



Tabasheer’s approach to dance experiments with the interplay of divergent patterns and the dissolution of opposites within the body and mind – movement to rest, density to weightlessness, thinking to feeling. Traversing many musical paths between tender dreamscapes, wayward polyrhythms, buoyant percussion, and all manners of weirdo transmutations. Under spellbinding arrays of sound, they seek to manifest new worlds for listeners and dancers alike to achieve peace and togetherness.


Born in the heart of Wisconsin, she pursued the music and culture of the underground. Growing up, techno and house was always on rotation and prominent DJs of the 90s were not only influences, but a goal that she could pursue. Found today in LA clubs delivering everything from pounding, bassy techno to house music that is equal parts technical and melodic, she strives to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Using the technique of blending hardware incorporated into Ableton, Trovarsi creates a beautiful hybrid blend of analogue and digital sounds. She has experience from studying Ableton with prominent producers and Ableton's own trainers, and these skills are taken onto the stage when she performs. The use of electronic software/midi combined with the raw sounds of drum machines and modular synths are just what make her music so captivating. In recent years she has proven to be a talented contributor to the LA music scene.

Trovarsi is also a member of FORWARD (an electronic musician duo) as well as the founder of "Transduction Signal on Fnoob Techno Radio, which showcases global DJs/artists as well as up-and-coming electronic musicians.

Woozy feat. Succubass

Seattle, High + Tight / Pistil / TUF

Matt Drews is a Seattle based artist who harnesses queer dance rituals toward communal immersion. He crafts experiences which usher ecstatic states. Jessica Duran (aka Succubass) is a producer, DJ, and collective resident of High + Tight and TUF in Seattle.


San Francisco, Squish

wʍwood is an SF-based dj, Squish SF co-founder / resident, and co-host of ACID NOTHING (biweekly on sutrofm.net). Her sets weave threads across an eclectic range of genres, from techno with shades of industrial and body music to bouncy electro and leftfield bass.

Yann Novak

Los Angeles, Dragon's Eye/LINE/Room40/Touch

Yann Novak is an LA based artist and composer. His work is guided by his interests in perception, context, and the felt presence of direct experience. Through the use of sound and light, Novak explores how these intangible materials can act as catalysts to focus our awareness on the present.