Music performance submissions

Submissions for the 2020 gathering are now closed.

Stage concept and requirements

Pool stage
Lodge stage
Yurt stage

Culturally, adult play is framed as expressive and freeing while surreptitiously enacted to aid explicit production-minded goals. Mining for solutions and innovation, time limits, setting and identified players. Pools can invoke the familiar; splashing, cannonballs, laughter, the feeling of feet on hot cement, rejuvenation, reunions with camp friends.

Music at The Pool calls campers to wake and move by day, and at dusk it becomes a beacon, transformed by lighting and atmospherics. As with the sun and moon the space evolves, and its arc enables waves of dancers, onlookers, and swimmers to commingle and form bonds. In past years, its sound has manifested as: airy, fast, wobbly, acid-soaked, polyrhythmic, and deep.

This outdoor space seeks to foster opportunity for personal expression, vulnerability, and play. Approaches to this space can be characterized as expansive, bright, liminal, engaging, exploratory and joyful.

Please consider recording a unique mix that you feel represents the sound you would like to share at the Pool.

Gear we provide
CDJs + mixer

Producer: Jordee Akerley
Contact @Jordee on Discord with questions 
Bangers to beatless, music at the lodge spans several genres this year. 

The Lodge will open Thursday with an evening dedicated to deep listening before embarking on the journey of movement and motion that encompasses the weekend. We begin with organic, instrumental and tonal layers that invoke a meditative space that is physical and mental. 

Lodge peak time sound blossoms with textural bass, lush pads, washes and cords - evolving into heavy, complex and immersive modulations - aimed to move the body, mind heart and spirit all together. 

Both Friday and Saturday evenings will be bookended by more atmospheric and beatless sets, providing a more expansive arc of sound & styles, and offering dancers a haven to unwind and reset before and after the all-night-dance-fevers.


Community members can utilize this opportunity to explore different aesthetics and new ideas. Try that departure from your prior work. Submit new projects. Embark on a collaboration you have been waiting on for the right moment. 

Since the lodge will showcase multiple genres this year, it is critical your submission mix is the style of music you intend to play. 

For new projects / collaborations that have not been tested yet: If you do not have a recording or examples of any kind, include recordings from all members considered in the project as links in the "additional notes" field below, together with a descriptive statement of your goal along with how you intend to develop the project before the gathering.

Gear we provide
CDJs + turntables + mixer

Producer: Kate Lesta
Contact @kate lesta on Discord with questions


The yurt remains our petri dish for heavy listening, but takes off in a completely new direction this year. Oakland's Mobius Acoustics is debuting an Immersive Hi-Fi PA set up in 4CH surround giving artists discrete control over each channel (fully quad mixing is encouraged.)

There's no one particular sound for the yurt. Submit anything.
Artists, If you can't manage to prepare tracks in Quad, then please emphasize your panning or pan-law's to be more extreme and re-bounce. FWIW, It is best to just mix in quad as we're providing an extra dimension (that can increase perceptual impact and reduce musical complexity!). Artists who are bringing specifically quad material will get an annotation next to their set times (4CH).
Any artists want to consult Jay or Anthony (the system designer) re: techniques to spatialize their mixes, please friend anthony bisset on Facebook. (yellow sideburn chap)

Gear we provide

turntables + mixer + Mobius system
The Mobius system is unlike any existing tech, in that it uses planar dynamic drivers for highly accurate yet smooth and unfatiguing highs, wide-bandwidth sealed midrange drivers (eliminating bass reflex backwave muddiness) and a newly invented Mobius Resonance subwoofer. The Midrange+HF format is micro-line, allowing a 3dB drop off per doubling of distance in upper HF, producing a wider surround listening space (compared to traditional horns and boxes) that constrain the accurate quad zone to only 1/4 the size of the space. Our listening space is 1/3rd.

Producer: Jay Fields
Contact @Jay Fields on Discord with questions

Important info

First timers read this

Thanks very much for your interest in bringing music to the gathering. Here are some things we want you to know:

  • This isn’t a paid gig. All performances at all the gatherings are gifts to the community. 
  • We will do everything we can to make attending the gathering affordable for you.  We administer a travel fund that may be able to help. More info below. Even if you don’t qualify for the fund, we’ll do what we can.
  • Each stage will provide some performance gear, but it differs by stage. For example, we aren’t planning on having turntables outside, so if you only play vinyl, don’t bet on playing the pool.

All performers please read this

  • Your submission will be reviewed only by the stage producer you submit to. You can submit to more than one stage, but they must be separate submissions. 
  • Your gig history isn’t as critical to us as whether or not your submission fits the stage concept this year. So please read the stage info carefully.
  • We will have time for sound checks on Thursday. Don’t expect that our engineers will be able to accommodate you wanting sound check at random times. They are working all night every night. If you aren’t arriving Thursday, coordinate your sound check with your stage producer well before the gathering.
  • Our policy regarding playing the gathering two years in a row:
    • If you DJed in 2019, we won’t invite you to DJ again in 2020.
    • This applies to DJs only, not to live performers.
    • If you were a live performer (ie you performed your own compositions, a hardware or improv set) in 2019, we encourage you to submit again for 2020.
    • If you DJed in 2019 but want to submit a live performance for 2020 or vice versa, we encourage you do so.
    • In the growing gray area between live performance and DJing, the stage producer will make the call. When in doubt, send in your stuff!
    • We want everybody interested to have a chance to experiment on the yurt quad system, so we’re going to consider 4-channel sets to be a special kind of live performance. In other words, if you DJed last year and want to experiment with a 4-channel set in the yurt, please go ahead and make a submission.
  • Last year we were able to find play slots for roughly 30% of our submissions, and expect a similar situation this year.

2020 travel fund info


Important things to know about how we administer the travel fund.

  • It’s for our performers. You must submit a mix and have received confirmation that you will play in order to be eligible for the fund.
  • It’s for people of color, women, trans and non-binary and gender non-conforming folks who need the financial assistance first. If there’s money left over in the fund this year after we assist those people we may be able to extend help to performers who identify as cisgender white gay males. We are committed to doing whatever we can to make the gathering affordable for all our performers
  • We will ask you to calculate your travel-related needs before making you an offer.
  • Accepting the offer comes with strings, namely that you will show up to the gathering and play. If you do not show at the gathering you are required to return your allocated money to the fund.
  • You will be responsible for providing receipts and/or invoices to us.
  • There are parameters and priorities per person re: what we will allocate for, specifically in this order:
    1. First - Reducing or covering the cost of your registration up to the full price
    2. Then - Covering the cost of renting and transporting camping gear for you
    3. Then - Up to $300 toward flight, car rental, shuttle bus and/or gas

Submission info & process

When you make your submission below you’ll be able to indicate that you’d like to access the travel fund. 

As each stage producer makes decisions about their lineup they will reach out to you to let you know about the status of your submission and will start talking to you about calculating your needs for the travel fund. Even if you think you don’t qualify for the fund, please talk to your stage producer about any financial hurdles that might keep you from coming.

The stage producer will be your main point of contact all the way through the process and you should feel free to ask them any questions you have.


Lineup decisions will take a while to finalize, and that we know that in some cases you might not be able to commit to coming without travel fund access. In general, we won’t start confirming lineup invitations until a few weeks after submissions close.

On the submission form below, you’ll able to indicate that fund access is critical to you being able to attend and we’ll keep that in mind so we can get responses to you as quickly as possible.


What's the difference between the promo mix and the submission mix?

Your promo mix probably already exists. It's the general thing that you use on your Soundcloud etc account, and it's the mix we'll link to as we promote the lineup. The submission mix may be the same thing, but it might be something you select that's more directly in line with the stage you want to play. That mix won't be public. 

I'm not sure which stage(s) to submit to. What do I do?

Please feel free to ask around on Discord or take a listen to past gathering recordings to get a feel for what happens at each stage. You can also check in with the producers on Discord.

Do I need to be queer-identified to play at/attend the gathering?

We care a lot more about what you think than who you have sex with. Regardless of how you define (or decline to define) your gender or sexuality, if you're supportive of and want to contribute to a queer-focused community building event, we'd love to have you join us. And any of our campers are welcome to submit to play music.