Regular registration is open

Cabins are sold out. There are plenty of tent and RV spaces available.

Queers, weirdos and allies, come dance at our slumber party in the woods. 4 days of peace, queer love and techno.

Join our facebook event here:

Not on facebook? No problem, join us over on Discord here:

This is not a commercially produced event. This is a DIY communal gathering at a private, queer-owned location. Everybody participates to make this happen. No headliners, no guest list, no VIPs. Just people we hope will be your new friends.

So yes, we’re asking everybody to pay. And we’re asking everybody who attends to volunteer a shift to help out: we have shifts for setup, kitchen help, some errands, logistics, and cleanup.

Online registration for this year’s gathering begins on Jan 19 at noon west coast time.

Regular registration: $200 (Jan 19-March 17)
Late registration: $220 (March 18-April 17)
On person registration at the gate: $250

That cost covers all your group meals and snacks from dinner Thursday through brunch Sunday.

Travel Fund
Part of your registration cost goes into the travel fund, a special pool of money created specifically to encourage and help defray costs for our women, trans, non-binary and performers of color to get to the gathering and play their music. When you register you’ll have an opportunity to chip a little extra money to this fund if you wish. 100% of that fund goes directly to support these performers.

Registration and beds

Registration for the gathering is in two parts.

First part: payment and letting us know whether you’re a tent, rv/vehicle or cabin person.

Second part: your camper profile — it’s what we used to call the survey or questionnaire. Once you finish payment you’ll get a link to the profile form. We need each person in your party to fill that out. It will give us all the info we need to plan meals, estimate our per day costs for the venue, plan for your arrival, set up camping gear rental, and help you find a volunteer shift. We’ll nag the shit out of you until you complete that. Fair warning.

As usual, cabin beds will sell out very quickly. If reserving a cabin bed, you’ll choose the bed and cabin when you register. Price will reflect whether the bed sleeps 1 or 2 people. All beds in cabins 1,2,5,6,7 and the Lodge are in rooms with other beds in them. So if more privacy and/or less interrupted sleep is your thing, camp.

Here’s the rundown on available beds
Cabin 1: (7) 1-person beds; (1) 2-person bed; shared bathrooms
Cabin 2: (2) 1-person beds; (7) 2-person beds; shared bathrooms
Cabin 5: reserved for campers who need ADA-compliant housing and our medical crew; shared bathrooms
Cabin 6: reserved for staff
Cabin 7: (1) 1-person bed; (3) 2-person beds; shared bathrooms
Main Lodge: (27) 1-person beds (bunk beds); (1) 2-person bed; shared bathrooms

How to get into our accessible lodging
Cabin 5 has an access ramp and wider doors, and is being held for campers who need ADA (ie mobility challenged) access to lodging. We hold that entire cabin, so when you go to register it will look like there are no beds available. That’s by design. Since there are bunk beds in Cabin 5, we work with our ADA folks individually after they register to see who might be able to use an upper bunk vs lower bunk and adjust a few things to accommodate people as needed.

If you need access to Cabin 5, register and pay as a TENT camper (since you won’t be able to reserve any beds in cabin 5). When you fill out your camper profile form (after completing your registration you’ll get a link to that form) make sure to check off the ADA access box on your profile and we’ll contact you & move you into that cabin.

Cancellations & refunds
Registrations are final and we won’t be issuing refunds except for cases of illness or emergency.

You’re welcome to camp in your RV, trailer, pickup or whatever, as long as you understand there are no electrical or gray water hookups for you. We’re going to do a better job this year counting up RVs and allocating camping spaces for them.

Call for mixes
Anybody camping with us who’d like to perform is welcome to submit a mix for review. If you’re interested, get more info and submit your info here:

Submissions close on Jan 31

The gathering is at a private queer-owned retreat center under redwoods in a secluded valley approx. 2.5 hours north of San Francisco. Same place as last year.

The venue has the following:
– shared group cabins w/bunk beds and mattresses enough to sleep 80
– a full commercial kitchen + indoor dining hall
– showers and bathrooms
– electricity & plumbing
– outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi
– a yurt and great room for other stuff to happen in
– lots of room to wander
– indoor + outdoor dance space
– plenty of room for tent camping and RVs

Help out
We have free rein over the venue, but we are responsible for setting up, cooking, and cleaning up after ourselves. Everybody will be asked to contribute something — setup, help with meals, or clean up.

Camping gear rental
When registering, you can let us know you’re interested in renting camping gear. We have a source for very low cost rental and will coordinate with you.

What are you bringing? Can we find you volunteers?
Like last year, volunteer signup will be in two stages. Before we ask you to raise your hand for a shift, first we’ll ask you whether you’re planning on bringing an art installation, or producing an event, or creating an experience during the gathering. We’ll give you the chance to ask for your own volunteer crew to help make it happen. Then we’ll plan for your needs when we ask for volunteer shifts closer to the gathering.

We need to be off the property by 3pm Sunday.

Safety & rules
A couple reminders for you:
– We are a completely private event, and you should feel free to be your own weird self.
– It’s the woods. There are poison oak and sharp things outside. SSRC asks you wear shoes.
– Unless you hear otherwise, no fires. That includes incense and candles. Especially indoors.
– Please, no smoking except in the designated smoking hangout spots. We’ll be fined for each cigarette butt and roach found on the ground.
New rule: No drones allowed & no photography of anybody without their consent.
– One last no: you really can’t bring your dog. Sorry, but we’ve been asked to be firm on that.

New for this year
– Art cabins, an experiment: We’re holding a couple of the small, single room cabins for art projects and as quiet/chill spaces. We’re looking to transform their interiors and would like to invite your help.
– Numbered RV spaces: we are going to do a better job making sure we have space for all the RVs up near the action. We’ll be asking more questions of our RV campers to make sure we have an accurate count and have spaces for all of you.

What time does it start? What time is it over?
You’re welcome to arrive Thursday April 18 at 12pm. The music schedule begins Thursday eve.
We’ll start breaking down Sunday April 21 after brunch and will be off the property by 3pm.

I want to play a set. How do I apply?
All your info is here:

I want to bring art. Can I do that?
YES! Once we get an idea of what ideas people have we’ll let you know in what ways we might be able to help. On the survey in the section about volunteering, please select bringing art as something you’re interested in. We will be in touch.

I have an idea for something to volunteer but it’s not on your list. Can I do it?
There are lots of additional spaces besides our three music stages that we’re deliberately leaving unprogrammed, and those are open for you to create in. Please let us know what you have in mind so we can help.

What do I need to bring?
You don’t need to bring any food.
Indoor campers:
– The venue will provide you bedding
Outdoor campers:
– Bring your tent and sleeping gear.
Also bring:
– Towel
– Shower stuff
Nice to have but not strictly necessary:
– Flashlight
– Your favorite beverage
You don’t need:
– Food

I avoid certain foods. Will you take care of me?
Most of our dishes can be made with or without animals in them, and all meals have vegetarian options. We also will have dairy and gluten free options.

Can I get a ride with somebody? Can I borrow a tent?
Probably yes! Please use the Facebook event wall to ask for help.

Will there be showers and electrical outlets?
Yep, and toilets and water fountains.

I need to sleep near an electrical outlet. What if the cabins are all sold out?
All of the buildings have exterior power outlets you can plug extension cords into.

Wifi? Phone service?
Don’t count on either, but some carriers come through clearly. There is free wifi near the main lodge.

Is the pool heated?
Nope. But the jacuzzi is right next to it. You’ll figure something out.

How about ADA compliance?
Cabin 5 has a ramp to the front porch and we are reserving that entire cabin for ADA campers and caregivers. That hold ends on April 10. If there are unused beds in Cabin 5, we will release them on April 11, and they will not be available to people registering at the gate. If you’re considering coming to the gathering, need an ADA accommodation but for some reason can’t commit to coming until the very last second, please let us know ahead of time so we can hold a bed for you The dining hall and dance floor are also wheelchair accessible. The yurt is ADA accessible, even though it’s up a steep-ish hill. We can arrange transport for you up the hill as needed.

Can I bring an RV?
Yes! There is room for RVs, though there are no RV electrical or gray water hookups.

What about the fire?
In late summer 2018 the Mendocino Complex fire tore through the area. Saratoga Springs Retreat Center, Upper Lake, and the entire surrounding area was evacuated. The fire reached the property and burned away some of the hillside, but the buildings made it through fine. You can find pictures of the property immediately after the fire and also see more recent photos of the cleanup and new growth at

While you’re there, please take a look at their forestry cleanup funding campaign here: