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GHT027 DJ Shiva



  1. Fr33k – Death Alley (Julliet Remix) [Login Records]
  2. Wandler – Get Together (Jonas Kopp Remix) [KumQuat]
  3. Oliver Dodd – Porter [Tulipa]
  4. Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Clangor [Gynoid]
  5. Unbalance – Unbalance#3.1 [Unbalance]
  6. Exium – DragN [PoleGroup]
  7. Bleak – Excess [Deeply Rooted House]
  8. Skat – Intolerance (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Technorama]
  9. DVS1 – Evolve [Hush]
  10. Jack Mackrel – Brown Sheet [Scope]
  11. Karenn – Sailing Solvents [Sheworks]
  12. Perc – Pure & Simple [Sleaze]
  13. Pfirter – Fractales [Mindtrip]
  14. Cubix – Rasp [unreleased]
  15. Israel Toledo – Antibiotik (Luis Flores Remix) [Strawberry Digital Made]
  16. Adam Jay – Inward [Chroma]
  17. E. Pravdica – It’s Not Fair [Naked Lunch]
  18. James Ruskin & Mark Broom – Erotic Misery [Blueprint]
  19. Reeko – The Guest [Mental Disorder]
  20. A-Brothers – Basement Rocker (Audio Injection Remix) [Hybrid Confusion]
  21. Jonas Kopp – Green Fingers [Deeply Rooted House]


Indianapolis, IN


317techno / Gynoid Audio / Chroma Recordings / Slap Jaxx

How did you get into DJing?

I started DJing in 1995 and seriously producing in 2004. I am mostly concerned with melting brains and rearranging atoms. I like to think of it as confrontational techno with some funk in the trunk.


Right now I have a forthcoming release co-written with Adam Jay on Translucent with remixes by Mattias Fridell and Ground Loop.

My main project right now is SUBterror Radio, my weekly show at http://www.subterror-radio.com and some other radio projects in the planning stages. You can hear selected archives of the show here: http://soundcloud.com/djshiva

Lately, I’ve been enjoying just doing what I love best: selecting amazing music and playing it on a regular basis.

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