About the gathering

Now in its fourth year, Gays Hate Techno is an ironically named, queer-focused music and community gathering that takes place at private land in Northern California. In May 2018, nearly 400 campers will gather at a private location 2.5 hours north of San Francisco for 4 days of peace, queer love and techno.

The gathering stands out against commercial music festivals. There are no headliners, vendors, VIP passes or special perks, and each of the 400 campers is asked to participate by volunteering in some capacity, either by performing music, helping cook meals, cleaning, or producing special events. The $200 registration cost is all-inclusive, and covers all meals while at the event.

Gays Hate Techno’s organizers are working to create an enthusiastically welcoming environment for people of all gender expressions and ethnicities. For the second year, the organizers have established a travel fund specifically to encourage women, trans, non-binary and performers of color to attend and play music.

The ethos of the event draws from similar style gatherings conduced in radical faerie, women’s or Burning Man inspired traditions, and is built on concepts of participation, immediacy, radical inclusion, sex-positivity, harm-reduction, and acceptance.

And face melting, ass-shaking music. Performers from past years make up a who’s who roster of the New Queer Underground in techno and EDM music, and include promoters, DJs and recording artists from every major US city, plus neighbors from Canada.


The music program will include nearly 100 hours of music by 50+ musicians at three stages: main outdoor, main indoor and special experimental indoor stage.

Music at Gays Hate Techno is curated from a mix of hand-selected invitation and open call submissions.

Current performer listing is here.

Past performers
Ariel Zetina (Chicago) https://soundcloud.com/arielzetina
BareBacchus (Seattle) https://soundcloud.com/barebacchus
bigdaddy (Boston) https://www.mixcloud.com/brian-gibbs/
Bill Converse (Dark Entries, Austin)
Billy Charlton (Seattle)
Boy Shaped Box (SF) https://hearthis.at/boyshapedbox/
Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker, NYC) https://soundcloud.com/timsweeney/bryankasenic
Carrie Morrison (SF) https://www.mixcloud.com/carriemorrisons/sebastianis-endless-summer/
char (7) (Houseboi, Boston) https://www.mixcloud.com/char_7/
D.A.D. (San Diego)
Davide Gualandi (Jackie O’Body School of Dance, NYC)
E.Feld (SF) https://soundcloud.com/e-feld
Jarvi (Chicago) https://soundcloud.com/dieselcast
Jordee (SF) https://soundcloud.com/jordee-2
Major (Polyglamorous, SF) https://soundcloud.com/m_j_r
MANV (Visceral, Boston) www.soundcloud.com/manumiran
Marke B (The Stud, 48 Hills, SF)
Nark (2MR, Bottom Forty, Seattle) https://soundcloud.com/nark
Nate Manic (Oakland) https://www.mixcloud.com/natemanic/
Orographic (Bridge Club, Always Never Yesterday, Portland)https://soundcloud.com/orographic
Rich King (Sonoma)
Rocky G. (Toronto)
Sappho (NoFOMO, Bottom Forty, Portland) https://soundcloud.com/sappho-presents-chingo
Siobhan Aluvalot (SF) https://soundcloud.com/siobhanaluvalot
Sohrab Harooni (RS94109, SF)
Stormy Roxx (Portland, NoFOMO, Walk the Night, SHiFT Festival)https://soundcloud.com/stormyroxx
Suck It! w/Geoffrey LaRue (Detroit) https://soundcloud.com/geoffreylarue
Taco Tuesday (Pound Puppy, SF)
Traaven (BAAAHS, SF) https://www.mixcloud.com/traaven/
Turner Carroll (LA)
Vera Rubin (Portland) https://www.mixcloud.com/verarubin/
Live performances
Aigokeros (Katabatik, Oakland)(Live) https://soundcloud.com/aigokeros
Bellona (Device, SF)(Live) https://gayshatetechno.bandcamp.com/track/bellona-tjackballe
The Creatrix (No Tech, SF) (Live)
Election Day (Jackie O’Body School of Dance, NYC)(Live)
Exillon (Katabatik, Oakland)(Live) https://soundcloud.com/exillon
Group Rhoda (Katabatik, Oakland)(Live) https://soundcloud.com/group_rhoda
Jasen Loveland (Interdimensional Transmissions, LA)(Live)
Looky Looky (Ghostly International, Clone, Detroit)(Live)
Marc Manning (SF)(Live) https://soundcloud.com/marc-manning-4
Marmot (Katabatik, Oakland)(Live)
Nickolaus Typaldos (Jackie O’Body School of Dance, NYC)(Live)
Nine (Surface Tension, Left Hand Path, SF)(Live)https://soundcloud.com/niharb
Piano Rain (Katabatik, SF)(Live) https://www.mixcloud.com/aporeia/aporeia-live-piano-rain-slanted-square/
Scott Moore (Flesh World, SF)(Live) https://soundcloud.com/scott_moore/live-at-ght-2016

Bill Converse (Dark Entries, Austin)
Carlos Souffront (Interdimensional Transmissions, SF)
Carrie Morrison (SF)
Chuck Hampton (Detroit)
Chris Cruse (Spotlight, LA)
Collin Bass (SF)
David Sylvester (Two Dudes in Love, Friends with Benefits, Portland)
Davide Gualandi (NYC)
Dicky Krolewicz (San Francisco)
Jamie OSullivan (LOVE, Portland ME)
Jerry Villa (SF)
Jordee Akerley (SF)
Josh Cheon (Honey Soundsystem, Dark Entries, SF)
Kevin OConnor (Pound Puppy, SF)
Major (BAAAHS, Polyglamourous, SF)
Mark Louque (Fagbash, Luther, NO)
Marke B (SF)
Mark O’Brien (Polyglamorous, BAAAHS, SF)
Matt Fisher (Oakland)
Miss Shelrawka (+Plus techno, oBassity, Seattle)
Nate Manic (Oakland)
Oscar Pineda (Pound Puppy, SF)
Rich King (Snaxx, San Diego)
Sappho (Stranger Disco, PDX)
Sean Dimentia (Katabatik, Oakland)
Stormy Roxx (Stranger Disco, PDX)
Tomass (UnReaL, Device, SF)
Tommy Cornelis (The Needle Exchange, DC)
Tyrell Williams (Housepitality, SF)
Vera Rubin (Stranger Disco, PDX)
Victor Rodriguez (Bears in Space, LA)
Live performances
Abandoned Footwear (live) (Katabatik, Oakland)
Aja (live) (SF)
Bezier (live) (Honey Soundsystem, SF)
Brian Whitty (live) (SF)
Dax Pierson (live) (Oakland)
Marmot (live) (Katabatik, Oakland)
Enrique Hernandez (live) (SF)
Group Rhoda (live) (Oakland)
Marc Manning (live) (Everything is Fine, SF)
Marvin Jones (live) (LA)
Luciano Chessa (Oakland)
Scott Moore (live) (Flesh World, Limp Wrist, Needles, SF)
Stallone the Reducer (live) (NYC)

Aaron Clark (Pittsburgh) (Honcho, Hot Mass, Humanaut)
Abandoned Footwear (live) (Oakland) (Katabatik)
Bezier (live) (SF) (Dark Entries)
Billy Charlton (Seattle) (Want It!)
Caley (SJ) (ultrawizardsword.net)
Carlos Souffront (SF) (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Chuck Hampton (Detroit)
Clark Price (Pittsburgh) (Honcho)
Collin Bass (SF)
David Sylvester (SF) (Friends With Benefits Records)
DJ Chipmint (SF) (Pound Puppy)
E. Feld (SF)
Jason Kendig (SF)(Honey Soundsystem, HNYTRX Records)
Jeffrey Sfire (SF, Chicago) (Cocktail D’Amore, Ghostly International)
Joe Pickett-Brower (SF) (Squrrrl)
Jordee Akerley (SF)
Justime (Oakland) (Afternoon Delight) (SF) (Comfort&Joy) (Digital Wildlife)
Marc Manning (live) (SF) (Everything is Fine)
Mark Louque (New Orleans, Ptown) (FAGBASH, LUTHER)
Mark O’Brien (BAAAHS, Polyglamorous)
Marke Bieschke (SF)
Marvin Jones (LA)
Miss Shelrawka (Seattle) (+Plus techno, oBassity)
Rich King (NYC, SD) (Snaxxx)
Robert Yang (SF) (Honey Soundsystem, HNYTRX Records)
Robot Bomb Shelter (live) (SF) (Friends With Benefits Records, Golden Age Records)
Trevor Sigler (SF) (Squrrrl, Friends With Benefits Records)
Tyrel Williams (SF) (Housepitality)
Vicki Powell (Atlanta) (Sunday Service)

Here are some sets that have been posted online.


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