2018 Ride Sharing

Offers by date of departure

Offers by date of return

Open this link to get to the spreadsheet and edit it

How to

This is an Airtable database, which is like a souped up Google sheet. There are a bunch of ways you can look at this info, and you can select a view with the pulldown over on the left of the toolbar. 

Ride hookups

If you've coordinated a ride, then please click on and edit the "Sharing with" column in the Ride Hookup view. Once you add the person you're sharing with, your status will change to 'Hooked up!' and your name will disappear from the "Who's looking?" or "Who's offering?" list.

Info changes

If you need to change your info, day of departure, etc, then go to the Main view so you can see and edit all your info. 

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