2107 Spring Gathering


Third time’s a charm.

April 13-16 2017

Saratoga Springs Retreat Center

Registration begins Jan 15

Registration $175 or 200*

What’s the difference between the $175 and $200 registrations? Only one thing. Choosing to pay $200 will put $25 into a fund that will be used only to assist women/trans/poc performers in getting to the gathering. Other than that the two tiers are exactly the same. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to bring 5 or more performers to the gathering with this fund.

Register at this link


About the gathering

This is not a professionally produced event. This is a DIY communal gathering in a private, queer-owned space. So yes, we’re asking everybody to pay so we can make this happen. And we’re asking everybody who attends to volunteer something: setup, kitchen help, or cleanup.


Announcement coming very soon about lineup. Stay tuned.


The gathering is at a private queer-owned retreat center under redwoods in a secluded valley approx. 2.5 hours north of San Francisco. Same place as last year.

The venue has the following:
– group cabins w/ bunk beds and mattresses enough to sleep 80
– a full commercial kitchen + indoor dining hall
– showers and bathrooms
– electricity & plumbing
– outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi
– a yurt and great room for other stuff to happen in
– lots of room to wander
– indoor + outdoor dance space

Parking space is very limited. Please plan to carpool.

What’s included in your registration cost:
– generator, fuel, sound system and lights
– a ┬ácabin bed in a shared room (for the first 80 people that register)
– camping space for tents and RVs (for everybody else)
– 2 communal meals a day (w/ vegan option)
– snacks and drinks and some beer
– plates, utensils etc

Beds are now full. You should plan on sleeping in a tent or RV

You bring:
– pillow & sleeping stuff
– we take care of everything else

Special info for travelers

If you’re making the effort to come into to town and need help sourcing camping gear, you can let us know in the questionnaire. We’re going to have an organized effort to make sure that everybody has access to a tent.

Help out

We have free rein over the venue, but we are responsible for setting up, cooking, and cleaning up after ourselves. Everybody will be asked to contribute something — setup, help with meals, or clean up.

Cancellations & refunds

Registrations are final and we won’t be issuing refunds except for cases of illness or emergency.


What time does it start? What time is it over?
You’re welcome to arrive Thursday April 13th at 12pm. We’ll still be setting up it — it’ll be a wonderful chance to hang with a slightly smaller crowd in a quieter setting before most people show up on Friday. We probably won’t have any music going until pretty late Thursday night or Friday morning.
We’ll start breaking down Sunday April 16th after brunch and will be off the property by 4pm.

I want to play music. How do I do that?
Let us know in the questionnaire that you’ll fill out after registering.

I want to bring art. Can I do that?
YES! Once we get an idea of what ideas people have we’ll let you know in what ways we might be able to help.

I have an idea for something to volunteer but it’s not on your list. Can I do it?
Let’s talk! There are lots of additional spaces besides our two dance floors that we’re deliberately leaving unprogrammed, and those are open for you to create in. Please let us know what you have in mind.

What do I need to bring?
Not much. And we’ll send out an email closer to the event with suggestions about what you should bring with you. You don’t need to bring any food.

I avoid certain foods. Will you take care of me?
Yes. There’s a questionnaire here that will ask you about diet and allergies. We’re planning so most of our dishes can be made with or without animals in them.

Can I get a ride with somebody? Can I borrow a tent?
Probably yes! We’re going to be a little more organized re: helping people find rides and borrow tents.

Will there be showers and electrical outlets?
Yep, and toilets and water fountains.

I need to sleep near an electrical outlet. What if the cabins are all sold out?
As long as your tent is somewhere near a building we will run power out to you. Just let us know beforehand so we bring enough extension cords.

Wifi? Phone service?
Don’t count on either. We’re in a secluded valley.

Is the pool heated?
Nope. But the jacuzzi is right next to it. You’ll figure something out.

How about ADA compliance?
We’re very happy that we’re at an ADA compliant place this year. If you need to be in a cabin with wheelchair access we can make that happen. The dining hall and dance floor are also wheelchair accessible.

Can I bring an RV?
Yes! There is room for RVs, though there are no RV electrical or gray water hookups.